Is Meghan Markle Really Making the Same Mistake as Princess Diana?

Ever since Meghan Markle joined the royal family, she has been on the front page of every magazine and gossip website. Every photo of her is shared and every piece of information about her is dissected. It’s clear the former American actress is extremely popular with the public.

While being a royal who gets a lot of attention can seem harmless enough, some royal experts warn that it might not be such a good idea, especially when we look at the late Princess Diana whose fame grew too big for the royal family that she was supposed to be promoting.

Is that the path Meghan herself is walking down? Could she be making the same mistake as Diana? Here’s what we know.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Jonathan Brady – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Why was Princess Diana so famous?

Princess Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles in 1981 was considered the wedding of the century due to the sheer amount of attention it generated. Indeed, even after the wedding, Diana remained a favorite subject of the press, who followed her everywhere.

Diana knew she was a popular figure, so she did many things to continue gaining interest from the public. For example, she took on a lot of work that shocked people, such as shaking hands with AIDS patients and going to minefields. Additionally, Diana also made headlines for raising her sons in ways that were considered not traditional for the royal family.

Diana ended up becoming way more well-liked by the public than other royals who were supposed to outrank her, including her husband. This got even worse when she went to the media and revealed just how badly the royal family had treated her, making them even more unpopular.

How Meghan Markle is similar to Princess Diana

Like Diana, Meghan is also using her limelight for good by doing philanthropic work and promoting causes that are meaningful to her.

Not only that, but Meghan and Harry have gone on to prove themselves as more unconventional than previous royals in their position. Meghan herself is especially outspoken about her progressive views, leading many fans to believe that she and Harry will break away from royal traditions even more than Diana when they are raising their baby.

The couple also recently set up their own communications office and social media account — something that only those higher up in the succession line are allowed to do.

Is Meghan Markle making the same mistakes as Princess Diana?

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According to royal historian Anna Whitelock, royals cannot be celebrities. The difference ultimately comes down to who or what the public figure in question is generating interest for. 

“If you’re a royal you can generate lots and lots of interest and lots of appeal, but ultimately it’s got to be for the firm; it can’t be for any one person,” Whitelock said. “Of course, that’s where Diana, to some extent, came unstuck because brand Diana became bigger than that of the royal family.”

This is also where Meghan and Harry’s communications office and social media account run into criticisms. Instead of continuing to stay with Prince William and Kate Middleton — or even with people like Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward — Meghan and Harry decision to break free can cause problems down the road if they become too independent from other royals.

The fact they are strong-willed in doing things their way is also a cause for concern as they need to have their image under the same royal brand as others in the family. However, since Meghan used to be a celebrity in her own right, it is perhaps not too surprising that she continues to have her own fame and popularity as a duchess. Moreover, having royals that are also celebrities could be important in making sure the royal family remains relevant in this day and age with the younger generation.

It should be noted, though, Meghan has been keeping a low profile, especially with a baby on the way, so right now, only time will tell how Meghan’s popularity will affect the image of the royal family in the future.