Is Meghan Markle Smarter Than Her Critics Think?

Meghan Markle has been on the receiving end of some of the harshest critiques across the internet. There’s a sea of haters constantly calling everything she does into question alongside her own family shooting her down. While royal faux pas paired with undeserved bullying make up the mass of her criticisms, that isn’t all her critics are calling into question.

Even debates on her intelligence and the thought that goes into the moves she makes are up for debate. 

What do critics say about Meghan Markle?

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Literally anything and everything! The Duchess of Sussex has been walking around with a target on her back ever since she graduated from Hollywood starlet to British Royalista. If she thought the heat she caught while turning heads on Suits was terrible, she was definitely in for a surprise when her Prince charming popped the big question.

Even before Prince Harry put a ring on Markle’s finger, she got a lot of flack. While there was disappointment in Prince Harry’s choice of life partner coming from all angles, it was her own family that really put the former Suits star through the wringer. Her half-sister, Samantha Markle, made it a point to bash her any chance she could, especially if she got a media appearance out of it. 

Other opposing opinions ran the gamut from her previous marriage (and divorce) reflecting negatively on her ability to keep it together, her commoner status, the age difference between her and the Prince and her lack of British descent. Gossipier comments included reportedly calling her a “brazen hussy” and a “gold digger.”

Honestly, the sky has been the limit when it comes to the negative publicity the controversial Duchess has received. It’s so bad that Kensington Palace needed to go the extra mile to contain the vitriol spouted online! 

Markle’s a strong independent woman

If you didn’t already think Markle had the makings of a strong, intelligent woman, royal expert Bonnie Greer is ready to change your mind. Recently she touted Markle as being smart for getting in front of all the talk about her. Now that she’s out in the forefront, she has the ability to shape the narrative surrounding her had her blossoming family. 

Basically Markle is pretty much in total control when it comes to the story around Baby Sussex. She will be the one who clues the crowd into the birth. She will choose how to go about having the child.

Her and hubby, Prince Harry, made the unique decision to keep details about the future Sussex under wraps until they take time to celebrate amongst themselves. Despite pressure from Royalists and the history surrounding baby reveals in the British Royal family, the Duchess is taking family matters into her own hands. 

She’s even managed to impress the queen!

Sure, Markle has tons of haters, but she also has the support of many fans on a global scale. While some look at her actions as those of a gold digger, others appreciate her perseverance and her beautiful rags to riches story. They can see Markle for the hard workers that she really is, and apparently so does Her Majesty!

In fact, the Duchess of Sussex’ work ethic is so impressive she might be on the receiving end of a rare thank you note from Queen Elizabeth II. Earlier this year the Queen blessed her with several Patrons, including some that the Queen upheld herself for years. Markle’s nailed the additional responsibility with grace and poise. 

She’s also continued working throughout her labor, something her grandmother-in-law couldn’t overlook! Not many royal ladies would get their hands’ dirty while in their third trimester, especially if it were their first pregnancy! Hopefully, Markle’s existence in the Queen’s good graces will result in her haters giving her the break she deserves.