Is Michael Weatherly Coming Back to ‘NCIS’ and Where Is He Now?

The deception and mystery of NCIS is greater than ever this summer, as everyone is anticipating what’s going to happen to kick off its 17th season. While Mark Harmon, who plays Agent Gibbs, has kept the ship running, this might have been their last season had it not been for Cote de Pablo coming back as Ziva David.

De Pablo’s expected reappearance is also bringing even more social chatter about Michael Weatherly, who played Tony DiNozzo, returning. His character is just as iconic as Ziva David. Their romantic relationship on the show is close to legendary, even if they haven’t been seen together in six years.

But a lot of complications exist with the prospect of Weatherly coming back, though. Will he really come back, or are there too many legal issues to allow it?

What would keep Michael Weatherly from coming back?

Michael Weatherly
Michael Weatherly | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

There’s a number of things that could work against Weatherly being welcomed back to the set. One of the worst reasons is he was accused by Eliza Dushku of sexual harassment and other abuse on the set of Bull. However, let’s remind everyone there was never any similar reports on the set of NCIS. Even so, because it’s still a pending legal matter, NCIS might not want to risk any tension on set if he shows up again as Tony DiNozzo.

Considering he was a part of NCIS for 13 years, though, he may be welcomed back with open arms by the production team. The Tony-Ziva love story is one of the most unresolved relationships in TV history, making it near mandatory for them to reunite to appease fans.

Two other things standing in the way is Weatherly’s commitment to his other CBS show, plus working as a co-producer on an upcoming CBS series. Beyond those is another action he recently took on social media that has his fans up in arms.

The commitment to ‘Bull’ and shutting down social media

It’s not common to see someone create such an iconic character on a show, then go off to create an equally popular character on another show on the same network. Weatherly managed to do this with Dr. Jason Bull.

Maybe you can argue the show won’t last much longer due to the accusations against Weatherly, plus gradually falling ratings. Nevertheless, it’s been renewed for a third season, starting in September.

He can obviously act in Bull and NCIS since they’re both CBS products. Whether it’ll happen is still a mystery, despite Weatherly seemingly giving away some things by simply shutting down his social media accounts. Fans of his think he’s done this to avoid fans pestering him about any chances of an NCIS return.

Perhaps silence is better than accidentally blabbing ‘NCIS’ spoilers

We have to think it’s inevitable Weatherly will at least have some appearances as Tony DiNozzo on NCIS next season. Fans would be in an uproar if he doesn’t, considering Ziva will apparently play a big part in the season’s opening.

Having them reunite is going to create an emotional groundswell with the show’s fans and likely spike the ratings to places not seen since 2013. Maybe that won’t go over well with Harmon, who may want to retire soon and spend more time with his family.

Only he knows what the surprises are for the new season, but he’s never been on social media. Weatherly shutting his down was arguably a good choice so he wouldn’t accidentally blurt something.

As we’ve seen, more than a few actors can’t keep secrets when it comes to important plot developments in shows or movies.

Maybe we’ll see an ‘NCIS’ spinoff of Tony and Ziva

Imagine if you will that Tony and Ziva have an emotional reunion on NCIS this coming season, leading to a huge demand from fans to keep the pair going. News is already out there Weatherly and de Pablo teamed up to produce an eventual new series on CBS called MIA.

Perhaps we’ll see them do a spinoff NCIS series with just their characters. After all, seeing a romantic special agent team would bring back a TV genre we haven’t seen in a while.