Is Miley Cyrus Just Using Kaitlynn Carter to Reset Her Public Image?

Fans of Miley Cyrus are scratching their heads. They’re trying to figure out from media coverage how one of their favorite singers is faring after her split from husband Liam Hemsworth. Is it over this time? Has Miley truly moved on with new romantic interest Kaitlynn Carter? Is the PDA with Carter an attempt to bolster media attention to get back at both their exes?

Ten years with Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus | Leon Neal/Getty Images

The pair met on the set of 2009’s The Last Song and began a turbulent relationship that would last a decade. Hemsworth proposed the first time in June 2012. A year later, they called the engagement off and the duo unfollowed each other on social media. They reconciled in 2015, engaged again, to the astonishment of fans, friends, and family. It seemed their second attempt at a relationship was going to be successful.

Rumors of a secret wedding surfaced late in 2018. When asked the couple insisted they were happy just being engaged for the time being. When the devastating brushfires hit Malibu in late 2018, a home they shared was lost. The tragedy only seemed to bring the couple closer together.

In December 2018, only a month after the fire, they finally married at their Franklin, Tennessee, home. Many speculated that getting married on the heels of that tragedy may have been a mistake. Some think it an attempt to have something solid after an astounding loss.

Miley is being true to herself

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Liam Hemsworth filed for divorce Wednesday in Los Angeles. A source close to Cyrus told PEOPLE that “She just got to the point where she didn’t want to hold back about who she is. She wants to be true to herself. Being with Liam, this was just not possible.”

No one could ever accuse Miley Cyrus of being shy and she’s had her share of scandals. From admitted drug and alcohol use to leaked intimate photos to twerking on Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV Music Awards, Miley’s past has been wild at times. Rumors flew in 2018 before the wedding that she’d returned to drinking and smoking pot. Rumors also surfaced about Liam’s moodiness and partying being the culprit in their split.

Her recent sightings with Kaitlynn Carter have her fans wondering if Miley is going back to her old ways. Is the PDA an effort to reset her public image? Is it meant to make Liam jealous?

Or is the relationship with Carter real?

Miley and Kaitlynn form a ‘romantic’ friendship 

A source told PEOPLE that Miley is in a ‘romantic’ friendship with Kaitlynn Carter. The source explained the two are going through similar experiences at the moment and bonding as a result. They also went on to say that Miley isn’t ‘100 percent happy.’

Carter recently announced her break-up with husband Brody Jenner who stars in The Hills. A week after that split, she was vacationing with Miley and photographed making out with her. Both posted many pictures and videos on social media from the trip.

They returned to L.A. and last Friday enjoyed a PDA-filled night at Hollywood’s Soho House. A source told Elle that the two were ‘making out everywhere’ and didn’t care who saw them. 

While the pair aren’t officially dating, there’s speculation that the relationship is helping Miley cope with being in L.A. without Liam. 

Following the loss of the home she shared with Liam in 2018, the pair had moved into a rental nearby. Now that Liam is gone, Miley’s decided to make it her home and decorate it to suit her own tastes. Apparently, she’s excited about the renovation and she’ll have help from both her mother and her sister who she sees often.

It’s also said that she’ll be spending time with her sister in Colorado and time in Nashville to try to get out from under the paps in L.A. and get some privacy. 

Does that mean her fling with Kaitlynn Carter will end soon? Not necessarily.

What’s the tattoo mean?

InStyle has reported that Miley got a new tattoo that appears to be a tribute to her time with Kaitlynn. 

Celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo claims Miley found a sculpture in Italy that she admired so much that she decided to have it tattooed on her forearm. The symbol of biscione is attributed to Milan and depicts a large serpent consuming a human. 

Miley and Kaitlynn are hanging out now that they’re back from vacation. The pair sent Kaitlynn’s ex Brody Jenner a bouquet for his 36th birthday. Filled with marijuana buds, the message read according to Jenner’s Instagram “Brody, WEED like to wish you a Happy Birthday! Love you! Miley + Kaitlynn.”

Miley’s future with Kaitlynn

Will Miley’s relationship with Kaitlynn turn out to be the real deal? Or is the relationship a ruse to reset her image and get back at Liam? There are some who believe the affair with Kaitlynn to be a sham, including Jenner’s The Hills co-star Brandon Thomas Lee.

Miley’s said to be disappointed that Liam took the step to file for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences.” He’s been photographed spending time with his brother Chris and friends at Byron Bay Beach and appearing to be in low spirits following the split. Was the divorce filing a sign that he’s finally had enough of this relationship?

Could they reunite even so in the future? 

It wouldn’t be the first time and there are few who would be surprised if they did.