Is Miley Cyrus Merely Rebounding With Cody Simpson After Decade-Long Relationship With Liam Hemsworth?

The last few months have been a relationship whirlwind for Miley Cyrus. Since her marriage with Liam Hemsworth ended, she’s had not just one, but two different romances. Unfortunately, because of the speed that Cyrus has jumped between lovers, some question the authenticity of her relationships. For now, she appears happy with Cody Simpson. But is it true love or just another rebound? 

Miley Cyrus separated from Liam Hemsworth

After nearly a decade together, and only months after tying the knot, Cyrus and Hemsworth separated last summer. They met in 2009 while co-starring in the film, The Last Song.

Their relationship took off from there but was far from smooth sailing. Over the next ten years, Cyrus and Hemsworth dated on and off, providing the media plenty of drama to discuss. 

Since they met at such a young age, Cyrus was only 17-years old, and Hemsworth was 20, they still had lots of growing up to do. Their relationship suffered as Cyrus went through an identity crisis, which some refer to as the “Wrecking Ball years.” She shaved her head, licked everything in sight, and twerked non-stop, completely destroying her sweet Hannah Montana image. 

Miley Cyrus arrives for the World premiere of 'Avengers: Endgame.'
Miley Cyrus | VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

Hemsworth had a hard time dealing with Cyrus’ antics and the couple separated during this time. However, when Cyrus’s behavior eventually calmed down, they reconnected. And during the Christmas season in 2018, they married in a private home ceremony. 

Cyrus never completely tamed her wild-child ways, and some believe Hemsworth wasn’t able to handle it. Still, others believe it was Hemsworth’s partying that destroyed the romance. But whatever the reason, after only six months of marriage, they called it quits. 

Miley Cyrus quickly moved on to other relationships 

On the same day that her divorce from Hemsworth was announced, Cyrus was caught kissing Kaitlynn Carter. Shocking her fans, Entertainment Tonight posted photos of Cyrus and Carter on vacation in Italy and it was clear from their heavy PDA that they were more than just friends. 

Over the next month, Cyrus was seen with Carter multiple times, and they always appeared to be happy. They may have even moved in together at one point. But the new relationship didn’t last long. By the end of September, they broke up

Just days later, Cyrus was again caught in a lip lock. This time it was with her longtime pal, Simpson. Over the next few weeks, it became clear that Cyrus was in another hot and heavy relationship. Evidence of their fling was all over the media. This includes Simpson’s own Instagram account, where he posted several photos of Cyrus. 

The couple appears to still be going strong, even spending Thanksgiving together. But some have doubts about the legitimacy of Cyrus and Simpson’s relationship. 

Is Cody Simpson just a rebound for Miley Cyrus?

Since her divorce from Hemsworth, Cyrus hasn’t had any time to herself. She’s jumped from one relationship right into another. And that makes people wonder if her romance with Simpson could just be another rebound. 

However, what some don’t realize is that Cyrus and Simpson have actually known each other for years. In 2015, Simpson told GQ that he and Cyrus were very close.

“Miley is one of my best friends,” he said, “and she helps with some of that transitional stuff — trying to escape your childhood.”

Apparently, they bonded over each growing up in the spotlight. 

Since this isn’t her first relationship after her divorce, it can’t technically be a rebound. Cyrus’ romance with Carter would fill that role. But did Cyrus give herself enough time to fully get over Hemsworth before moving on with Simpson?

Her relationship with Simpson did happen very quickly. But there are plenty of relationships that began under less than optimal circumstances and have thrived. For now, Cyrus appears happy. And that’s really all that matters.