Is ‘Murder Mystery’ Adam Sandler’s Best Movie in Years?

The deal Adam Sandler struck with Netflix in 2014 was probably the best thing he could do for his comedy career during a time when more physical-oriented comedies weren’t doing as well on the big screen. Some adult-oriented romantic comedies still succeed, but there’s no doubting comedy in films is seeing more of a renaissance on streaming services or TV nowadays.

Whatever your opinion is of Sander’s brand of comedy, he carved a successful niche and style for himself in movies until it seemed to stall. Going to Netflix was arguably apropos because his comedies are perfectly made to stream on a lazy weekend afternoon with no harm done. They make for great background viewing.

Thanks to his new Murder Mystery movie on Netflix with Jennifer Aniston, we might see a new male-female comedy team born.

How well did ‘Murder Mystery’ do on Netflix?

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler
Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler | Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images

According to a Twitter account called “Netflix is a Joke”, 30 million Netflix accounts worldwide watched Murder Mystery over its first three days. Some might initially take this as another version of The Onion exclusively reserved for ribbing Netflix users. If you didn’t know, it’s a very real Twitter account owned by Netflix.

These above figures have been reported widely as a result, further blurring the line on what the public might take as a parody.

With these stunning numbers, it says a lot about why Netflix was such a perfect home for Sandler. Maybe it’s also becoming the best place for Aniston, who’s still looking for a hit movie after making so many good ones up until recent years.

Perhaps those who uphold a torch in wanting more sophisticated comedies have their jaws dropped to the floor. We should really look at whether there’s a renewed streaming market for overly formulaic comedies starring appealing A-list stars.

Are audiences in a mood for simple comedies again?

Let’s all admit the world is beyond complicated lately. Much of the viewing public may be in a stronger mood to watching pleasant comedies that don’t make you have to think much to make you laugh.

Adam Sandler more or less made this a cinematic cottage industry over the last 20+ years in movie theaters. Of course, he’s far from the only one to succeed at this genre in decades past if you add in Jerry Lewis 60 years ago, or The Three Stooges. This particular style of movie comedy has always been criticized by those who expect something more than just physical pratfalls to make us guffaw.

There was still a small layer of complexity to the characters, however, including in Sandler’s. Regardless, due to inferior writing, latter’s film comedies tested the patience of finicky moviegoers who increasingly want their money’s worth.

With Netflix, you’re only paying under $15 per month to stream as much as you want, making a film like Murder Mystery an innocuous comedy nobody complains will hurt them in the wallet.

Why Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston have such great comedic chemistry

Aniston and Sandler are close friends in real life as we’ve all seen, enough where even their interviews have terrific interplay between the two. No wonder their chemistry is so good in Murder Mystery, no matter if the script is more than pedestrian.

Critics definitely haven’t been kind to this movie, yet the chemistry of its stars can’t be denied. When you add in Aniston also doing more with Netflix recently, the service may have found the next popular comedic duo.

We haven’t seen a classic male-female comedy team in a long time in any form. Sandler and Aniston may have just hit a bullseye in becoming the King and Queen of streaming rom-coms, maybe giving Apple TV pause as Aniston becomes one of the latter’s new series stars in competing against Netflix.