Is New England Patriots Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman Dating Anyone?

The New England Patriots are no strangers to Super Bowl glory — and recently, they proved they had what it took to beat their latest opponent, the Los Angeles Rams. Pats fans were overjoyed and the New England team couldn’t have been prouder of this fine moment that solidified them as legends. And while everyone knows Tom Brady as the star quarterback, another player received the award of MVP — and that was wide receiver Julian Edelman.

Edelman was certainly the team’s saving grace for the big game in 2019. And his impressive gameplay had many fans wondering if the NFL star was single. Here’s what we know.

Edelman was dating a Swedish model ‘casually’ for several years

Aside from being part of a consistently winning team, Edelman is also known for being involved in some serious relationship drama in the past. Back in 2014, Heavy reports he was dating Swedish supermodel Ella Rose — but the two were pretty casual with their relationship. Surprisingly, in 2016, Ella Rose then got pregnant, which turned their fling into a permanent link between them.

Lily, the daughter of Rose and Edelman, was born in California — and Edelman even flew out from Massachusetts to welcome his baby girl. While many suspected having a baby might push Edelman and Rose to pursue a more serious relationship, such seems to not be the case. Today, the two co-parent and seem to be good friends, but a romance reportedly no longer exists.

Edelman was almost involved with legal trouble over his daughter

It seems Edelman wasn’t always excited to be a father. While fans love seeing photos of him with his baby girl on Instagram, the star football player first denied that the baby was his. Daily Mail Online reports it wasn’t until Rose established a paternity suit proving that Lily was the child of Edelman that he stepped up to the plate to acknowledge fatherhood. This is certainly good news for the child, as she has her father in her life, but it’s also good news for the Swedish model, as she’s sure to be receiving plenty of child support from the very wealthy Patriots player.

Thankfully, Edelman and Rose were able to sort out the paternity disparity before their child was born — and today, Edelman seems very thankful to be a father. While fans are still anticipating the day he brings Lily to a Super Bowl, for now they love the updates they’re receiving on Instagram.

He was last linked to another model — but now, he’s single

Rose aside, it seems Edelman couldn’t get enough of another supermodel — and that’s Adriana Lima. TMZ reports the two dated casually for months, and it seems Lima may have wanted to take things more seriously with the football player. Reports claim the distance was tough for the couple, but they also couldn’t agree on where they wanted their future to go together. Lima allegedly wants more children, while Edelman allegedly claimed he wasn’t ready for more little ones. The two then split and apparently did not remain friends.

That’s the last anyone’s heard of Edelman dating, so it seems he’s living the single life and remaining focused on his career with the Patriots and his daughter. Perhaps we can anticipate more flings in the future for the star instead of serious relationships — or maybe since he’s now in his 30s, his perspective will change and he’ll wish for something more serious in the relationship department. Only time will tell.

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