Is Olivia Jade Being Punished Too Harshly for Her Parents’ Crimes?

By now, almost everyone has heard about the college scandal that everyone always knew about but never had proof of. 50 people have been arrested in connection with a national college admissions scheme that allowed parents to pay bribes to ensure their children were admitted to top colleges. Former Full House star Lori Loughlin is among those arrested for their involvement in the scandal.

Loughlin reportedly paid close to $500,000 for both her children to gain entry into the University of Southern California. As more details have emerged, millions of Americans have expressed outrage and companies associated with the family have begun to cut ties.

At the middle of the scandal is Loughlin’s youngest daughter Olivia Jade. Though the 19-year-old admission to the prestigious school was the ultimate prize in the scheme, just how much did the YouTube star know about was going on and should she be punished for the actions of her parents?

What we know so far

On Tuesday morning, Andrew Yelling, District Attorney for the district of Massachusetts, announced that they would be pressing charges in the “largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by the department of justice.” The scandal involved at least 50 people who reportedly paid millions of dollars to gain advantages to have their children admitted to top U.S. colleges.

Among those arrested was former Full House star and serial Hallmark Channel actress, Lori Loughlin, and her husband Mossimo Giannulli. Loughlin and her husband are accused of paying $500,000 to have their two daughters admitted to USC as part of the school’s crew team, even though the girls never participated in crew.

To facilitate the girls’ admission, Loughlin and Giannulli reportedly staged fake crew photos. In one case, the girls were photographed with the local crew team. In another, they were photographed on rowing machines.

The YouTuber is getting hammered in the comments on social media

Since the story broke earlier this week, Loughlin and her family have been in the news. People have taken to social media to express their disgust with the scandal. In addition to the general comments about the scandal as a whole, people have taken to Olivia Jade’s Instagram and YouTube accounts to attack the teen for her privilege and role in the scandal. The YouTube star has not responded to comments but she has since disabled comments on all her social media accounts.

Sephora just cut ties

Olivia Jade has many partnerships with major brands, including makeup store, Sephora. Until today, the makeup store had a special Olivia Jade collection. The makeup brand just announced that they would no longer be working with the star, stating, “After careful review of recent developments, we have made the decision to end the Sephora Collection partnership with Olivia Jade, effective immediately.” TRESemm√© has also announced that they have cut ties and clothing brand Princess Polly has removed their Olivia Jade collection.

She may get expelled from school

In perhaps the most logical punishment for the crime, Olivia Jade could potentially be expelled from USC, though reports indicate she is dropping out on her own due to fears of bullying.

A spokesman for the university said that a decision has not yet been made and that they are handling the situation on a case by case basis, “We are going to conduct a case-by-case review for current students and graduates that may be connected to the scheme alleged by the government. We will make informed, appropriate decisions once those reviews have been completed. Some of these individuals may have been minors at the time of their application process.”

Is Olivia Jade being punished too harshly?

It’s important to remember that at this time, no charges have been filed against any of the children involved in the case. Officials have said that most of the children didn’t know what was going on. And while it can be argued that Olivia Jade did make some entitled remarks about how she felt about college, it could also be argued that she was pushed into a position that she didn’t really want to be in.

Olivia Jade has created a successful YouTube channel and developed a solid Instagram following. Her work created countless business connections and loyal fans. Now the star’s future is in question thanks to the actions of her parents. Many people will argue that Olivia Jade was complicit in her parents’ actions, but we have to wonder, is this 19-year-old getting judged unfairly for her parents’ wrong deeds?