Is ‘One Day at a Time’ on Netflix or Hulu?

One Day at a Time – inspired by Norman Lear’s 1975 drama of the same name – follows single mom and army-vet Penelope, as she and her Cuban family navigate the day-to-day problems that life throws their way.

'One Day at a Time' Cast
‘One Day at a Time’ Cast | Getty Images

The series has gained recognition amongst scrutinizing critics and everyday viewers alike, for it explores contemporary issues with equal parts comedy and sincerity. Albeit a bit political, the show never fails to remind audiences of one thing: it’s about family.

Starring Justina Machado as Penelope and Rita Moreno as her firey and animated mother Lydia, the show is spearheaded by two performers with impressive resumes and impeccable comedic timing.

Justina Machado is most known her work on Six Feet Under, Queen of the South, and Devious Maids. As for Rita Moreno – though needing no introduction – she is the Grammy, Tony, Oscar, and Emmy award winner whose career skyrocketed when she played Anita in the 1961 film West Side Story.

‘One Day at a Time’ is on Netflix

If you do not have a Netflix subscription, it’s worth considering one to stream the show with a 99% on rotten tomatoes.

The series is on its third season, which became available for steaming February 8.

Seasons one, two, and three are all comprised of 13 half-hour episodes. When it comes to binging, nothing beats half-hour episodes. Just keep using the famous, “But it’s only 30 minutes. I can watch another one” excuse.

Who else stars in ‘One Day at a Time?’

Alongside Rita Moreno and Justina Machado star Isabella Gomez, Todd Grinnell, Marcel Ruiz, and Stephen Tobolowsky. These four round out the main cast as Penelope’s politically charged daughter, the rich yet lonely neighbor, her likably narcissistic son, and her timid boss.

Before getting her breakout role in One Day at a Time, Isabella Gomez starred in Matador in 2014, after which she appeared in Modern Family as Flavia.

Marcel Ruiz started acting in commercials in San Juan, Puerto Rico before moving to Los Angeles at 9-years-old, according to IMDb.

As for Todd Grinnell and Stephen Tobolowsky, both have been acting in comedies for several years. You may recognize Grinnell from Dukes of Hazard, Four Kings, or Dorfman in Love. Stephen Tobolowsky is most recognized for his work in Groundhog Day and Californication.

The true story behind ‘One Day at a Time’

One Day at a Time is based on the life of the series creator and its executive producer – Gloria Calderon Kellet and Mike Royce.

The relationship between Gloria Calderon Kellet and her own mother fuels the dynamic between Lydia and Penelope. Royce’s family life serves as the basis for Penelope’s relationship with her two children.

Rita Moreno, as Lydia, also retains one particularly significant responsibility – communicating Gloria Calderon Kellet’s personal immigration story.

Gloria Calderon’s parents came to America when they were 15, and neither of them could speak English. Without parents to care for them, they had to work multiple jobs to stay afloat.

One Day at Time is a story true to those behind the production. Thus, it’s no surprise that the show has been so critically acclaimed. They say to write about what you know, and to write from the heart; it’s clear that One Day at a Time succeeds on both fronts.