Is ‘Outlander’ Working On a Spin-Off Days Before the Season 5 Premiere?

Starz might be expanding the Outlander universe in the near future. The drama remains one of the network’s most popular to date and with the fifth season on the way, fans would love to see an Outlander spin-off. Author Diana Gabaldon has already written a spin-off series on Lord John Grey, but what are the chances that Starz adapts the story in the near future?

Outlander Season 5 spin-off
The cast of ‘Outlander’ | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ

Starz CEO talks about ‘Outlander’s’ success

We are less than a month away from the season 5 premiere of Outlander. The upcoming season is based on Gabaldon’s book, A Fiery Cross, and will continue Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) journey in colonial America.

Ahead of the big premiere, the CEO of Starz, Jeffrey Hirsch, sat down with Entertainment Weekly and discussed an array of topics related to the show. This includes his thoughts on season 5 and why he thinks it is the “strongest” one yet.

“I think season 5 is one of the strongest, best seasons yet…” Hirsch stated.

Hirsch went on to say that Starz hopes to gain new viewers via its streaming service, which offers fans a cheaper way to watch the series than traditional cable. As Outlander fans are well aware, Sony inked a deal with Netflix to stream the first few seasons of Outlander, a move that could grow the fan base even more.

He also revealed that Outlander has brought in a lot of women viewers to the network, something he hopes to build on with other projects, like Dangerous Liaisons, The White Princess, The Spanish Princess, and The White Queen.

What about an ‘Outlander’ spin-off?

In closing, Hirsch was asked about the possibility of Starz launching an Outlander spin-off based on Lord John Grey, who is played by David Berry.

Hirsch did not confirm that a spin-off is in the works, but he did say that they have discussed developing other stories in the Outlander universe. This is not confirmation that we will ever see a spin-off, but at least it is something they are talking about.

“We continue to talk on a regular basis about developing the story line around Outlander. It’s something that we are aware of. We want to continue to serve that audience with what we think are the best stories,” he added.

Gabaldon has written a series of novellas that follow Lord John Grey’s story, so the series has plenty of source material to guide a potential spin-off.

With the series more popular than ever, this is the perfect time to launch a spin-off. It would also help fans deal with the gaps in-between seasons, which have gotten longer in recent years.

What’s ahead in season 5 of ‘Outlander’?

With only a few weeks left before the season 5 premiere, executive producer Maril Davis recently opened up about what’s in store for Roger (Richard Rankin) this season.

There were some fans who were disappointed by Roger’s storyline in season 4, and Davis assured viewers that things are looking up for the character this season.

Davis posted some promo materials on social media about Roger, who will be focused on his marriage and family in season 5. Gabaldon was quick to add that Rankin absolutely “killed it” this time around, which is definitely good news.

We don’t know how much of The Fiery Cross Outlander will adapt, but in the books, Roger faces several life-threatening situations. If the show sticks to the original material, then Roger is set to have one of his most important seasons to date.

Diana Gabaldon wrote an episode for season 5

Speaking of Gabaldon, the Outlander author penned a script for one of the episodes in season 5. Gabaldon recently confirmed on social media that she wrote the penultimate installment for season 5.

Considering how Gabaldon is the one who wrote the books, fans can expect her installment to stick closer to the source material than usual. That said, the author has cautioned fans that every episode goes through a series of edits, so there are some things that are bound to be cut.

Gabaldon is also in the final stages of her new book in the hit series, titled Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone. But she still found time in her busy schedule to work on the script for the new season.

The new season of Outlander premieres February 16 on Starz.