Is Prince Andrew Homeless Now That He’s Been Kicked Out of Buckingham Palace?

Prince Andrew’s public image has taken a huge hit these past few months as media outlets started to scrutinize his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Aside from being friends with Epstein for many years, Prince Andrew was also accused of having sex with a minor.

After the prince’s controversial BBC interview, where he confessed that he did not regret being close to Epstein, he was “fired” from royal duties. In reality, the prince claims he sought permission from the queen to step back from his duties.

Now, it looks like the royal family is distancing themselves from Prince Andrew a bit more. And this time, it’s a physical distance.

Prince Andrew was forced to leave his office in Buckingham Palace

Prince Andrew, Duke of York gestures as he speaks with business leaders during a reception with business leaders.
Prince Andrew | Michel Euler-WPA Pool/Getty Imgaes

Back in November, Prince Andrew announced that he was stepping back from royal duties because his association with Epstein “has become a major disruption to my family’s work and the valuable work going on in the many organisations and charities that I am proud to support.”

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Afterward, Queen Elizabeth has fired her son’s private secretary, Amanda Thirsk. Many people believe that Thirsk was the person who pushed Prince Andrew into doing the infamous BBC interview.

A few days later, reports came out that Prince Andrew was also forced to leave his office in Buckingham Palace. He is thought to be the first royal family member to resign from royal duties because of a reputation-damaging scandal.

Prince Andrew’s residence is Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park

Although Prince Andrew was working at Buckingham Palace, his official residence is Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park. Royal Lodge technically belongs to Queen Elizabeth, but it used to be the home of the Queen Mother from 1952 until her death in 2002.

The place was subsequently leased to Prince Andrew, who began living in it in 2004 with his daughters. The family also renovated Royal Lodge to add in new features like an indoor swimming pool.

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, lives at Royal Lodge as well. Although the couple divorced in the 1990s, they remain good friends with each other. Ferguson moved into Prince Andrew’s spacious home in 2008.

Will Prince Andrew be kicked out of his home?

Since Prince Andrew does not own Royal Lodge, he could be forced out of it the same way he was forced out of Buckingham Palace. However, according to Hello!, it is unlikely that Prince Andrew will have to leave his home.

Even though he is no longer carrying out public duties for the royal family, it is common for royals to live in royal residences, so Prince Andrew will continue living at Royal Lodge for the time being. So while he no longer has a home in Buckingham Palace, it’s not like Prince Andrew is left without a residence entirely.

Does Prince Andrew still have a good relationship with his family members?

Since the royal family is notoriously private and does not share their opinions on these matters, it is hard to know how everyone feels about Prince Andrew and his scandal. However, there have been some signs here and there.

Queen Elizabeth seems to still be standing by her son. Although she fired him from public duties and forced him to leave his Buckingham Palace office, the queen was seen riding horses with Prince Andrew back in November. Prince Andrew was reportedly Queen Elizabeth’s favorite son for a long time, and a lot of people believe that it would be difficult for her to cut him off completely.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Prince Charles and Prince Andrew have not been on the best of terms, and this scandal is giving Prince Charles more power to decrease Prince Andrew’s role in the royal family. Prince Charles allegedly wants to “trim down” the royal family when he becomes king, which means that Prince Andrew and his daughters will be given less royal benefits.

However, only time will tell whether Prince Andrew’s situation can improve or get worse from here on out.