Is Prince George a Good Brother to Charlotte and Louis?

Having brothers and sisters is fun – there is no doubt about that. Whether a child has just one sibling or if he or she comes from a large family, there is no doubt that brothers and sisters are built-in best friends.

When a family is in the public eye, just like the members of the royal family are on a regular basis, having brothers and sisters becomes much more important. Why is this? Because they can advise each other based upon their own experiences, as well as support each other when things become difficult.

Prince George will most likely do this for his younger sister, Princess Charlotte, as well as his younger brother Prince Louis as the royal siblings get older.

For now, they are just like any other small children, running around, playing, and enjoying life to the fullest. So, is Prince George a good brother to Charlotte and Louis? Let’s take a look. 

Prince George is a future king

Prince George
Prince George | RICHARD POHLE/AFP/Getty Images

Although he may not know it yet, Prince George will one day be the ruling monarch. He is currently third in line to the British throne, however, that won’t stop him from having a relationship with his brother and sister. The Cambridge children will definitely be living their lives in the spotlight, and chances are, the public will take a special interest in George since he is, after all, the future king.

As the oldest, he will probably have to learn to navigate his way through royal life in the public eye and will be able to guide his younger siblings in the right direction when the time comes.

George and Charlotte are close in age

George and Charlotte are not quite two years apart, and they are already best friends. According to Closer Weekly, George enjoys showing Charlotte the ropes when it comes to many things. We recently saw the adorable duo playing soccer together while they were at the King Polo Royal Charity Polo Day, kicking the ball back and forth and seemingly having a great time.

We can only imagine that when Louis is old enough to join in on the game, the three of them will spend hours playing and having fun. Observing the Cambridge kids is the only proof we need that royal children like to have fun just like any other kids their age!

Charlotte lovingly takes control and George lets her

Romper reports that Princess Charlotte is just a little bit bossy, yet in the good, sisterly way that we would expect. To make things even better, George seems to love it.

According to their great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, George is a backseat brother who takes it in stride. Chances are, Charlotte is only looking out for her brother, which is important since as the middle child, she has an older sibling as well as a younger one to protect and nurture. What a wonderful big brother George is for letting Charlotte act in his best interest at all times.

How else is George a great brother to Charlotte and Louis?

It is said that George knows how to be comforting to other children, which will certainly come in handy with two younger kids in the family. At the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, he reportedly consoled a bridesmaid who was a little nervous.

Other big brother duties include being protective of his brother and sister, as the public saw when he and Charlotte visited Prince Louis at the hospital when he was born. George sweetly put his arm around his sister, and the cute moment was caught on camera.

The young prince interacts wonderfully with other children, which is a critical part of being the oldest child. Being a big brother is not an easy job, and it looks like George has it down pat.