Is Prince Harry a Hands-On Dad?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tend to hog to spotlight when it comes to the British Royal family. It’s not that they do it on purpose! It’s that royalists can’t help but want to know everything about the controversial couple. In fact, until the affair rumors surfaced about Prince William and Kate Middleton, the news (and tabloids) were all about the Sussexes!

Naturally, now that the dramatic buzz around Markle and Prince Harry has died down, there’s only one thing on Royalist’s minds. How are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex handling being new parents?

Prince Harry always wanted to be a father

Prince Harry | Jacob King – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Long story short, Prince Harry has wanted kids for a very long time. Like, before he even started a relationship with Markle. During a 2012 interview with Katie Couric, Couric asked Prince Harry his thoughts on starting a family. At the time his brother, Prince William, had just married Middleton. The world, of course, wanted to know if his baby bro would be following in his footsteps. 

“I’ve longed for kids since I was very, very young. I’m waiting to find the right person and someone who’s willing to take on the job.” – Prince Harry/ABC News

Fast forward to 2015, while interviewing with Sky News, the Duke of Sussex once again brought up children.

“I don’t think you can force these things, you know, it will happen when it’s gonna happen. Of course, I would love to have kids right now but, there’s a process that one has to go through. And you know, tours like this is great fun.” – Prince Harry/Sky News

While he was excited about the prospect of kids back in 2012, he was beyond ready to make the big leap in 2015. In 2016 he went on to share his excitement with ABC News: “I can’t wait for the day. So, you know, it will be fantastic. I’ve got a kid inside of me. I want to keep that. I adore kids. I enjoy everything that they bring to the party. They just say what they think.”

The only thing holding him back all these years was finding the perfect woman. 

The Sussexes welcome Archie to the world

Thankfully, Markle is Prince Harry’s perfect partner. Their relationship has been full of ups and downs, mostly because of negative media attention and bullying. The royal couple managed to pull through all the noise and on May 6, 2019, they gave birth to a beautiful baby boy — Archie Harrison. Little Archie was born in Portland Hospital, a private facility where Sarah Ferguson and Victoria Beckham both delivered children. 

The Sussexes have been very reserved when it comes to sharing their little bundle of joy with the world. On the official Sussex Instagram account, the couple didn’t share any pictures of Archie until May 12th. That picture was just of his feet! They finally shared one showing his face on June 16, more than a month after he was born!

Don’t let the radio silence fool you; both parents are madly in love with the newest member of the family. That’s despite Markle dealing with the isolated existence that comes along with being a new mom. 

Is Prince Harry hands-on with raising baby Archie?

According to US Weekly (and an unnamed source), the Duchess of Sussex had her mother’s help during her early days as a mom. The source went on to let readers know, Markle has more than just her mom’s help during these memorable but tough times. 

Prince Harry is doing everything he can to make sure that his lovely wife transitions easily into motherhood.

“[He] has been amazing and is a real hands-on coparent.” The insider topped things off by noting just how much the Princes adores his “Princess”. As far as they are concerned, all that love you see in their photo ops is 100% real. “None of it is an act.”

Considering just how excited Prince Harry was about having children of his own someday, it’s no surprise that he’s really embracing fatherhood