Is Prince Harry the Most Down to Earth Royal?

Prince Harry is one of the most popular royals in the world. His wedding last year was watched by millions of people in many different countries and his Instagram page, which he shares with Meghan Markle, also amassed a huge amount of followers in mere minutes.

Royals don’t always seem relatable to the common folks, but perhaps a big reason why Harry is so well-loved is that he is different from his family. Throughout his years in the public eye, Harry has shown a lot of his down-to-earth side and the fact that he understands there is more to life than what goes on within palace walls.

Prince Harry had a rough childhood

Prince Harry
Prince Harry | Daniel Leal-Olivas – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Harry might have grown up in a very wealthy household and attended the most elite schools, but that doesn’t mean that his life was an easy one. In fact, his childhood was filled with terrible pain and heartaches.

When he was only 8 years old, his parents (Prince Charles and Princess Diana) separated after his father had an affair with an ex-lover. Not only did Harry reportedly get angry at his father, but this scandal had the whole world fixated on the royal family and Harry was forced to deal with everything that was happening in the public eye.

His mother also passed away a few years later when Harry was only 13 years old. He was known to be quite close to her and the death affected him greatly. It had been said that he had a lot of nightmares and anxieties after Diana died.

Prince Harry joined the army when he was young

After Harry graduated from Eton College, he decided to attend the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He spent almost a year in training before being qualified to join the Blues and Royals regiment in the British Army.

Unlike a lot of other royals, Harry actually wanted to serve his country on the front line with the rest of the soldiers. In 2007 and 2013, he was deployed to Afghanistan, though he was only able to be there for several months at a time before the information of his presence got leaked and he had to leave for his and everyone else’s safety.

Nevertheless, Harry looks back on his days in the military with much fondness. “Being in the army was the best escape I’ve ever had,” he once said. “I felt as though I was really achieving something.”

Harry shared that he cherished the camaraderie that he had established with his fellow soldiers as well: “I also felt I was one of the lads and could forget I was Prince Harry when I was with them.”

Prince Harry was known as a wild child

While young Harry was lauded for his achievements in the military, when he was not serving his country, he was mostly known in the press as a wild child. As a teenager, he made news for allegedly cheating on exams, smoking marijuana, and drinking while underage.

Later on, Harry also got himself into other scandals involving anything from fights with paparazzi to an offensive Nazi costume that he donned for a party.

In 2012, he embarrassed the royal family, even more, when photos of his wild vacation surfaced in newspapers everywhere. One of the pictures even showed him naked during a strip billiard game. The palace had to order a media blackout of the photos.

Despite his history of scandalous affairs, though, Harry has been turning around for the better in recent years. After the Las Vegas incident, he started focusing more on carrying out royal duties and supporting meaningful charities. The prince seemed to have learned a lot of lessons from his wild days and is clearly wiser than ever.

Prince Harry broke traditions by marrying Meghan Markle

In 2018, Harry once again showed just how different he was from his family members when he wedded Meghan Markle, a biracial American divorcee. The move has not come without some backlash, but Harry has been beyond supportive of his wife and is willing to defend her whenever necessary.

Harry and Meghan also recently welcomed their first child, Archie Harrison, who is a dual citizen of both the United Kingdom and the United States. The couple has made it clear that they want to raise their son to be a worldly person who understands what life is like outside the palace walls.

Harry has also shown that he will go against other traditions that he doesn’t believe in. For example, it has also been alleged that he and Meghan will give Archie a more vegan diet (to Queen Elizabeth’s dismay) and the couple has opted for getting help taking care of their new child from Meghan’s mother instead of a team of nannies.