Is Prince Harry Under Too Much Stress Protecting Meghan Markle?

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Visit Birmingham

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle | Oli Scarff – WPA Pool/Getty Images

The world is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the newest member of the royal family. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first baby will make an appearance in a few short months. But it appears the youngest son of Princess Diana is not taking well to his new role. Indeed, many of those close to the price have stated they’re worried.

The issue begins just a few short days after the prince and his bride announced they were expecting. It was about this time that rumors arose stating Prince Harry was temperamental, constantly on guard, and beyond anxious to protect his wife and unborn child. But is this normal first-time father anxiety, or is it something more? Is Prince Harry under too much stress protecting Meghan Markle?

It’s normal for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to have some anxiety

Ask any parent and they will tell you it’s one of the most frightening (and rewarding) experiences ever. Those first-time parent jitters can range from mild to mind-blowing, depending on a person’s temperament and situation. It can only be assumed that it is even more alarming for a royal.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not just be having a baby. They will be having a baby the world wants to watch grow up, who will need to be schooled in all the proper ways to be royal, and who has a greater potential of being threatened than other children.

Prince Harry allegedly blames himself for his mother’s death

The death of Princess Diana, the beloved “people’s princess” was a tragedy the world will never forget. Undoubtedly, that weight rests heavily on the shoulders of her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. But Prince Harry may feel the burden more than others.

Although Harry was only 13 years old when his mother died in that tragic car accident, friends have stated he believes the aggressive media attention she dealt with ultimately led to her death.

The prince has claimed to have felt powerless to help his mother, and places at least some of the blame on himself. Prince Harry fears the same situation could happen to his new wife, and is frightened Meghan might suffer the same “mistreatment by the media.”

An issue in Fiji made matters worse

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Visit Nottingham

Meghan Markle does her best to please the crowds | Jeremy Selwyn/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Although Prince Harry has continually been a bit on edge since the big baby announcement, things spiraled out of control after an issue in Fiji concerning Meghan Markle. Although exact details were not disclosed, it has been said there was a concern with crowd control. A former security officer stated the situation was “chaotic.”

Prince Harry was not in attendance when the event occurred, but dealing with other matters of state. Since the Fiji incident, he has not strayed far from his beloved and almost appears to be acting as her personal bodyguard in some images.

Meghan Markle isn’t entirely cooperating

One of the biggest things adding to Prince Harry’s stress is that his new wife does not cooperate as much as he’d like. While the rest of the royal family is used to having bodyguards everywhere, the Duchess of Sussex is not. Markle was raised as an American, in a fairly typical fashion.

Markle wants to be “one of the people” instead of separated as the royal family has traditionally been for centuries. She dislikes having bodyguards and has already lost one less than a year after¬†hiring. Prince Harry has expressed displeasure at the way his wife wishes to live her life. In her defense,¬†Markle is trying to live her life as a Royal – no matter how constraining she feels it is.