Is Prince William a ‘Tiger King’ Fan? Duke of Cambridge Shares His Television Preferences

The world recently got a glance into the Duke of Cambridge’s home life during these stressful and unusual times, and many people cannot believe what they learned. Prince William is often seen on social media and photographed with his wife, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, who are popular and well-liked, have become a staple of the royal family’s image. Recently, 38-year-old Prince William recently shared some surprising insight about his life during the ongoing global pandemic.

Find out television shows Prince William has been watching, and what the Duke of Cambridge had to say about the popular Netflix show Tiger King.  

What is ‘Tiger King’? 

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Tiger King has been taking the nation by storm. Social media has been blowing up with reviews, recommendations, and comments about the Netflix show that has been gaining so much attention.

Tiger King tells the story of Joe Maldonado-Passage and the eccentric characters he encounters while doing business in the exotic animal field. The mini-series has a surprising amount of crime and drama packed into intriguing narratives.

Fans and viewers cannot stop talking about the hit-show. Even the memes that resulted from Tiger King have received a tremendous amount of praise. It seems like everyone is a fan of Tiger King, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for the Duke of Cambridge.

What did Prince William have to say about the popular show ‘Tiger King’? 

Prince William recently participated in a skit to kick-off a BBC charity event, and the audience had no idea how much they were going to learn about Duke of Cambridge’s television preferences. No one was surprised to see the Duke of Cambridge contribute to such an honorable event.

Stephen Fry completed the skit with Prince William as they provided the viewers with some much-needed comic relief and levity. Fry has been called a comedic genius, and the skit seemed to go over very well.

However, within no time, the pair were discussing what they have been watching while quarantined. When Fry suggested Tiger King, Prince William quickly joked: “Yes, I tend to avoid  shows about royalty.”

The viewers and fans were shocked to learn the crowd-pleasing show wasn’t Prince William’s cup of tea, so to speak. Though it seems like Prince William has been sitting out of the world-wide trend of binge-watching Tiger King, the Duke of Cambridge did share what television shows he does actually enjoy watching. 

What shows did Prince William admit to watching during his skit with Stephen Fry?  

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge visits McLaren Automotive at the McLaren Technology Centre.
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

If Prince William is not watching Tiger King, then what is it that the Duke of Cambridge has been watching? During Prince William’s skit with the popular comedian Fry he did express his love for one particular show.

Some fans were surprised to hear Prince William admit to missing one EastEnders. EastEnders is a very popular British Soap Opera. Similarly to many shows and productions, the show was temporarily suspended in light of COVID-19. The hiatus seems to be causing the Duke of Cambridge serious distress.

During the skit for The Big Night In Prince William stated: “It’s hell without EastEnders.” Prince William’s love for the British Soap Opera and his lack of interest in Tiger King truly shocked the viewers.

Fans are wondering if the Duke of Cambridge will change his mind and give Tiger King a chance. Hopefully, Prince William will continue to keep the world updated on his opinions when it comes to TV.