Is Prince William Quietly Preparing to Be a Better King Than Prince Charles?

The royal family has had several big news years, between the tabloid rumors about Meghan Markle and the very real scandal surrounding Prince Andrew. In spite of all the negativity, there are some good things happening for the royals, including the possibility of a new monarch in the years to come.

While Prince Charles is the next in line for the throne, rumblings continue about what kind of king his son, Prince William, would be. Prince William is actively preparing for the throne and royal fans have strong feelings about the future of the monarchy.

Prince William has been training for the throne his whole life

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge visits the Aga Khan Centre.
Prince William, the future king | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Ever since he was born, a great responsibility has been hanging over Prince William’s head. The young heir to the throne was raised with a very high level of expectation about his path in life. Even from the tender age of ten, when Prince William made a brief speech at a public event, he has more than proven that he has what it takes to be a great leader.

In recent years, he has been really buckling down and focusing his efforts on preparing for the throne, taking on more engagements and projects than ever before. Beyond just the added work, Prince William has been very careful about his public image, including separating his household from that of Prince Harry, his younger brother.

While many speculated that the separation was due to disagreements with the Duchess of Sussex, it is far more likely that Prince William could not risk being associated with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s more outspoken social policies.

Prince William is in a delicate position of having to strictly control what he says and does, a standard that is not so rigid for Prince Harry.

Queen Elizabeth has been preparing Prince William

Although Queen Elizabeth stays incredibly busy, she has always taken the time to make sure that the next generation is well-prepared. Some sources say that the queen has always taken a special interest in her grandson, Prince William, and has really taken him under her wing in spite of the fact that Prince Charles is the next in line to the throne.

Those same sources claim that Queen Elizabeth has been training Prince William to be king ever since he was a teenager, having him go through papers and important documents with her so that he would gain a deep understanding of the constitutional process. It has also been stated that Queen Elizabeth used to take Prince William out to special Sunday lunches that could have been cleverly disguised as coaching sessions.

There is no doubt that Queen Elizabeth recognizes the promise in her grandson — potential that his late mother, Princess Diana, nourished and coached when he was very young. 

People like Prince William better than Prince Charles

Prince Charles is set to become king after Queen Elizabeth is no longer able to rule. However, he is not exactly the best-loved member of the royal family, and there has been a lot of speculation that the line of succession could pass over him and go straight to Prince William.

Still, even if the public likes Prince William better than Prince Charles, it is highly unlikely that the line of succession will change. Any rumor that Queen Elizabeth will name Prince William as her immediate successor is not founded in any real fact. The royal family thrives on tradition, and Prince Charles has been set to become king ever since his birth.

One thing is for sure: Princess Diana would be very proud of the man that Prince William has become, and her influence will live on in the work that Prince William does throughout his life.