Is Princess Eugenie Jealous of Meghan Markle? What You Need To Know

Duchess Meghan Markle stepped into the lives of the royal family in 2016, and nothing has been the same since. There has been no other royal figure in the last decade, except for Duchess Kate Middleton that has captured the heart of the world and the royals like Markle. Meghan Mania is something that the Windsors have not seen since Princess Diana married Prince Charles in 1981.

Unlike the royals who have married into the family before her, Markle entered Kensington Palace with an heir of Hollywood glam and an entire set of fans who adored her. The Los Angeles native dazzled Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, while her brother-in-law, Prince William and his wife, Duchess Kate Middleton made her feel right at home. Even after Markle wed Prince Harry in May 2018, the excitement surrounding the couple didn’t slow down. In fact, with news of the former actress’ pregnancy, the pair are only getting more attention. However, this exuberance and delight surrounding Markle’s entrance into the royal family might not be felt by all members of Queen Elizabeth’s clan. Is Prince Harry’s cousin, Princess Eugenie jealous of Markle?

Meghan Markle Princess Eugenie Engagement Pics

Left: The engagement photo of Princess Eugenia | Jonathan Brady – WPA Pool/Getty Images, Right: Meghan Markle’s engagement photo | Alexi Lubomirski via Getty Images

The tale of two weddings

With Princess Eugenie and Duchess Meghan Markle marrying within five months of each other at the same venue, it’s no wonder that comparisons have been drawn between the two women. Before getting engaged, the princess had been dating her husband, Jack Brooksbank for nearly eight years. The duo actually began speaking about getting engaged in 2016, which was around the same time, Markle and Prince Harry started dating. As a result, the princess’ plans were put on hold.

A source told Vanity Fair, “It’s my understanding that Eugenie and Jack decided some time ago that they wanted to get married, and there was some talk about a wedding in 2017, but they had to wait for Harry to go first.” Though the princess reportedly has no ill feels towards her cousin and his new lady, we can imagine that she did feel a bit prickly about the fact that 29 million people watched Markle and Prince Harry’s big day across 15 different networks while her wedding was broadcast through IGTV with only 3 million viewers tuning in.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex arrives ahead of the wedding of Princess Eugenie of York to Jack Brooksbank at Windsor Castle on October 12, 2018 in Windsor, England

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex arrives ahead of the wedding of Princess Eugenie of York to Jack Brooksbank at Windsor Castle on October 12, 2018 in Windsor, England | Gareth Fuller – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Stealing the spotlight

Though Markle and Prince Harry are obviously as excited as we are about their romance and their upcoming baby, they chose the tackiest time to announce their pregnancy to their family, and we can see why Princess Eugenie would be a bit miffed as a result. On Oct. 15, 2018, Kensington Palace announced to the public that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be welcoming a baby in the Spring of 2019.

However, it looks like the royal family learned the news the weekend before, at Princess Eugenie’s wedding. According to Radar Online, “Eugenie disappeared after Meghan discussed her baby news with guests.” The Daily Star also reported that the princess was seen, “on the brink of tears” after her new cousin stole her thunder.

We’re sure Prince Harry and Markle are over the moon about their baby news, but surely they could have waited a day or two and let Princess Eugenie shine.

Princess Eugenie at charity event

Princess Eugenie at charity event | Instagram via princesseugenieofyork

A chance to get to know each other

Since both women have been so busy over the past year planning weddings and adjusting to significant life changes its entirely possible that they just haven’t had the time to get to know each other. However, despite what the public may think, it looks like they are making an effort. Just days after her wedding, Princess Eugenie liked an Instagram post on a Meghan Markle fan account. Also, Express reported that the princess reached out to the duchess for help on planning her big day. They explained, “Princess Eugenie and her fiancé Jack Brooksbank made a trip to see the couple around a month ago for Meghan to help the bride-to-be with her wedding plans.”

From where we’re sitting it doesn’t look like Duchess Meghan Markle or Princess Eugenie have any Nicki Minaj/Cardi B beef. The two ladies are just trying to live their best royal lives.

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