Is Priyanka Chopra Jonas Pregnant? Her Mom Explains All

Following Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ recent appearance at the Michael Kors Fall 2019 runway show at New York Fashion Week, pregnancy rumors started to spread. Based on photos taken at the show, some fans believed that Priyanka had what looked like a baby bump.

Priyanka Chopra Attends the Michael Kors FW19 Runway Show on February 13, 2019 in New York City.
Priyanka Chopra | Aurora Rose/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Chopra’s mom shoots down the rumors

Chopra’s mom was quick to set the record straight and inform everyone that Chopra and Nick Jonas aren’t pregnant with their first child.

The actor’s mother, Madhu Chopra, explained in an interview with that the photo was “just a bad angle,” noting, “The outfit was nice. She looked like that only in some pictures, the rest were fine. Blame it on the camera angle!”

She added: “When I spoke to Priyanka on the phone, she told me that she was tired and hence, had a slumped posture. I told her what people were saying, and she simply said, ‘Mamma, give me a break!'”

Chopra shared a photo from the show on Instagram, where she’s seen posing alongside the designer, captioning the image: “Congratulations @michaelkors on another successful NYFW show! @barrymanilowofficial and beautiful models were the best start to my morning!”

Will Jonas and Chopra start a family soon?

While Jonas and Chopra are still very much in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, following their recent wedding, it’s inevitable that they will be asked about their plans to start a family.

At the premiere of Isn’t It Romantic in Los Angeles, Chopra was asked if there’s any pressure from her family to have children. She explained to reporters: “No, my family is just happy that I’m finally married.”

She also shared that having a family “will happen when it has to,” explaining, “We have definitely thought about it. We definitely want it. It will happen when it has to.”

When asked by PEOPLE about having kids, Chopra explained: “We both know that that’s something that needs to happen, but it’s not something I think about very much. We’re both very driven, we love our work, we’re married to our work, and we’re both very supportive of each other’s work. So I’m sure it will happen in an organic way.”

Jonas explains their current priorities

Chopra had told People in a past interview, when asked the family question: “We definitely want kids, and when the time is right, it will happen.”

Jonas further explained that being newlyweds was their priority right now, noting: “Let us be married first for a while before we have to make all these big decisions. We’re in our honeymoon period right now and we will be for a very long time.”

As for married life, Chopra shared: “We haven’t changed, strangely, because we’re still navigating… getting to know each other, and it’s just magical, because every day is like a new feeling and a new day and you’re learning something new.”

No doubt, Chopra and Jonas will continue to be asked about when they plan to start a family but for now, Chopra is not pregnant, according to her mom!