Is ‘Property Brothers’ Star Jonathan Scott Considering Adoption?

It’s no secret that fans of the HGTV hit Property Brothers think the Scotts are pretty easy on the eyes. Just look at Jonathan Scott — he’s handsome, he knows how to renovate a house, and he’s got a pretty hefty net worth. But, unfortunately for Scott, he hasn’t found the right one yet. And that’s too bad because Jonathan Scott has revealed that he’s a bit of a romantic.

To top it all off, Scott thinks he’d be a good dad and plans on having kids by the time he’s 45. Scott’s 41 now, so the clock is ticking, but that’s not stopping him — adoption could be on the horizon.

Scott’s perfect woman

While Scott’s floated the idea of adoption, that doesn’t mean he’s given up on love. Before he hits his cutoff age, he still wants to find the one. For Scott, that means finding someone who isn’t particularly self-absorbed. Like most people, Jonathan Scott creeps on the social media profiles of women his interested in. Who doesn’t? But too many selfies is a no-no. “If someone’s profile has more than 20 percent selfies, I won’t date them,” said Scott to People.

Scott also told People, “I’ve dated a lot in my life, and I’ve dated every kind of person you can imagine. I just want to be around people who bring energy and when you walk away you feel good about yourself and good about them. That’s it. The other people, I don’t need them.”

Beyond that, Scott is also trying to find a woman who’s into physical activities. “Hiking, scuba diving. I just love getting out and doing things,” he explained. And if you don’t like dogs, you’re out of the running. “I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs,” he says. “How could you not love a creature that is always excited to see you?”

Finally, no wallflowers here, please. Added Scott, “The person who sits in the corner would never work for me.”

Scott says he’s good with kids

While he’s looking for love, it seems as if one of the big end goals for Jonathan Scott remains being a dad. “I want to be a dad, so it’s important for me to have a partner who would play a key role in that,” Scott explained. “When we film our shows I get along so great with the kids, and I like the idea that I can use what I believe to be good to shape the mind of a little human.”

Scott holds himself in relatively high esteem as a potential father. “I have said to myself that if I don’t find the right person I think I would probably adopt on my own, because I think I would be a great dad.”

Scott says he’ll be giving himself a timeline of “’three years and 364 days to figure it out” after his 41st birthday.

What do fans think?

It seems as if Jonathan Scott isn’t alone in thinking he’d make a stellar father. Fans of the Property Brothers have been expressing their support for the would-be dad via Twitter.

“YES. Jonathan would make a wonderful and amazing Dad. Strong values and lots of wisdom to share,” tweeted one fan.

Another fan added, “Of course you’ll be a great dad! All the property bros episodes where you hang with the kids. I’m actually surprised the “right partner” hasn’t contacted you yet. Either way, enjoy fatherhood. It goes by too quick.”

One fan suggests it’s time to start the adoption journey now. “Adoption is great but a long road. Why not start the process now?”