Is Queen Elizabeth Inviting President Donald Trump Back to the United Kingdom?

It is always an exciting time whenever Queen Elizabeth II invites anyone to the United Kingdom. The news broke this past week that her majesty is preparing to invite U.S. president Donald Trump back to England. So, when will the queen be hosting Trump and what, exactly, is expected for the visit?

When will Donald Trump visit England?

For those who are keeping an eye out for Trump’s trip across the pond, know there is no exact date. That said, he should be doing so shortly — summertime, to be more exact. The trip is set to correspond with the 75th anniversary of D-Day, which means it will take place over the 6th of June. While Trump has met with the queen before, he has only made one visit, so chances are, he is truly looking forward to his second trip to meet with the queen.

What is expected to happen when Queen Elizabeth and President Trump meet?

As far as what is expected to happen, there are not many details at this point, and certainly, nothing is set in stone. Chances are, there will be a formal dinner and President Trump will likely make a public appearance while he is there. Whether or not he will set aside some personal time to do some sightseeing or have some fun is anyone’s guess at this point.

Will President Trump meet the other royal family members?

Whether or not the Trumps will get to meet the other royals also remains to be seen. Other members of the family include: Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The latter, Meghan, is an American.

Will Melania Trump join her husband?

The First Lady of the United States sometimes joins her husband when he is on an official business trip. Whether or not Melania Trump will join her husband is yet to be announced. If she does join, and a visit is coordinated with William and Kate, then chances are Melania and Kate will meet. Who knows, they might even get to meet the new royal baby if Meghan is present.

What happened last time President Trump met Queen Elizabeth?

President Trump had a wonderful visit the last time he saw the queen. He joined her for tea at the palace, where they most likely shared a few stories and jokes. While walking the grounds, it was noticed that President Trump accidentally turned his back to Queen Elizabeth, something that you just do not do. She reportedly was not that upset and has since forgiven the president, since she has forgiven him for the incident.

Do Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth get along?

Last time, there were many smiles and happy faces, an indication that Donald and the queen enjoyed each other’s company. It is a great honor for anyone to be invited to visit the queen, so we can only imagine that President Trump must be looking forward to his trip. Perhaps we will even get to see he and Melania take a carriage ride around Windsor, where he made a stop during last year’s trip, after which, he had only nothing but nice things to say about Queen Elizabeth.