Is Queen Elizabeth Mad About Prince Andrew’s Involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Scandal?

The Jeffrey Epstein scandal has implicated many powerful people in high places. The British Royal Family is dealing with related accusations against one of its own members, as the unsealed documents continue to send shockwaves across the world even after Epstein’s apparent suicide. 

How is the queen handling all of this negative attention on her family, and what does she think about Prince Andrew’s alleged involvement? Her behavior and past experiences may offer some clues. 

Prince Andrew’s involvement with Jeffrey Epstein has been known for years

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

While there is breaking news and details coming out as more and more documents make it to the public eye, Prince Andrew’s involvement with Epstein is not a new revelation. A photograph taken in 2001 shows Prince Andrew with a teenager who later accused Epstein of sexually exploiting her.

Epstein later served an 18-month sentence for crimes, but Prince Andrew met with him again after his release. Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, also admitted to taking money from Epstein to help pay off her debts. While she later called the decision a “gigantic error,” it shows that the family had ongoing ties with the abuser. 

New details have emerged about the accusations

With unsealed court documents and their contents hitting the public, Prince Andrew finds himself facing fresh criticism. The documents show that a woman named Johanna Sjoberg, then a college student, alleges she was lured to Epstein’s apartment by a woman named Ghislaine Maxwell, who was dating Epstein at the time. Once there, Prince Andrew groped her breast against her will. 

The photograph that caused the stir years before has also been contextualized more fully. It shows Prince Andrew with his arm around a woman named Virginia Giuffre, then only seventeen years old, with Maxwell in the background. Giuffre later accused Epstein of keeping her as a “sex slave” and passing her along to many high-profile men including New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and Prince Andrew. 

The queen is protecting her son 

In the midst of all this bad press, the queen is taking steps to protect her son. She brought both him and Ferguson, who have a complicated relationship despite being divorced, to Balmoral estate in Scotland as a way to get them out of the public eye. She was also seen attending church with Prince Andrew recently, a clear signal to the public that the royal family is standing behind him. 

Prince Andrew and Buckingham Palace are flatly denying all allegations and insist that Prince Andrew did not participate in the acts Giuffre described. 

The queen is likely unhappy about the situation

While the queen is making a public show of support for her son and helping to get him out of the spotlight, there is a good chance that she is angry about the situation and his continued habit of causing disgrace and controversy for the royal family.

It has been reported that she has “raged” at Prince Andrew in the past. That time, she was angry that he had participated in a television comedy program called It’s a Royal Knockout. She saw his involvement as disrespectful and inappropriate, saying it “reduced the royals to the ranks of second-rate comedians.” 

In addition, Prince Andrew and Ferguson have caused embarrassment for the royal family in the past. Ferguson was caught in a sting operation when she tried to sell access to her ex-husband for a considerable sum of money. On the recording of the call with a man she thought was a foreign businessman, she said: “That opens up everything you would ever wish for. I can open any door you want, and I will for you. Look after me and he’ll look after you . . . you’ll get it back tenfold.”

The queen may be handling this latest scandal in a way that keeps the public eye at bay, but there is a good chance she is frustrated that Prince Andrew has embroiled the family in yet another scandal.