Is Queen Elizabeth the Wittiest Member of the Royal Family?

Queen Elizabeth is the longest-reigning monarch in Britain’s history. The queen has risen from a figure of historical significance to the ranks of pop culture icon and has been referenced in multiple TV shows and popular movies.

There’s no doubt that Queen Elizabeth is a hard worker. Even at the age of 93, she maintains a strict daily routine. She is fiercely protective of the realm and of her role in maintaining peace and order.

But that doesn’t mean that the queen doesn’t enjoy a good joke from time to time. In fact, according to many reports, Queen Elizabeth is one of the funniest members of the British royal family.

Queen Elizabeth loves practical jokes

Queen Elizabeth II tours Queen Mother Square in Dorset.
Queen Elizabeth II | Samir Hussein/WireImage

It has long been known that Queen Elizabeth has a particular fondness for practical jokes and has a wicked sense of humor. One story that has circulated involves Queen Elizabeth happening upon a group of American tourists during a public tour of Balmoral, one of her favorite estates.

Queen Elizabeth, who was reportedly dressed in a simple headscarf and tweed coat, was asked by the tourists if she had ever met the queen. Without missing a beat, Queen Elizabeth pointed to her protection officer, who was standing by her side and said: “No, but he has.” The tourists went on their way without any clue that they had just met Queen Elizabeth herself.

Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, also love playing little pranks on each other. Some months ago, a photo circulated that revealed Prince Philip dressed up as a member of the royal guard, with the queen walking in front of him with a huge grin on her face, clearly recognizing her husband. It is obvious that even after over sixty years together, the queen and Prince Philip still enjoy having fun with each other. 

Queen Elizabeth has a fun relationship with her family

Queen Elizabeth has a serious facade that she has to maintain in front of dignitaries and world leaders. Still, reports indicate that she’s a completely different person behind the scenes.

Reports claim that she’s very close to her children and grandchildren, and absolutely loves spending time with them. She also has a playful persona that she feels comfortable displaying around her closest family members.

Rock singer Elton John told a story about how the queen gave her nephew some instructions, which he didn’t want to follow. In response, Queen Elizabeth playfully gave him a series of light slaps, telling him not to argue with her because she’s the queen.

The queen is probably the wittiest member of the royal family

There are a number of royal family members known for their sense of humor. Prince Harry has long been a particular favorite. However, Queen Elizabeth probably takes the cake as the wittiest member of the royal family.

In mid-October, the queen was making some informal visits when she came into contact with a young boy who had been cheering for her earlier upon her arrival. Queen Elizabeth smiled at him and said: “You were making a lot of noise.” The boy reportedly agreed and no doubt told all of his family members about his interaction with royalty.

Queen Elizabeth is also adept at avoiding people she doesn’t want to talk to. Another story that has made the rounds describes how the queen was walking the grounds of Buckingham Palace when she saw a Romanian dictator who was visiting England in the distance. Queen Elizabeth reportedly didn’t like the man at all and quickly hid behind the bushes to avoid an awkward confrontation.