Is Queen Elizabeth Tired of the Markle Family Drama?

The drama with Meghan Markle’s family has been going on for well over a year. It started with Meghan’s estranged half-sister, Samantha Grant, as soon as Meghan and Prince Harry announced their engagement. Every time the opportunity arose, Samantha would bash Meghan either in an interview or on social media.

She was blaming Meghan for everything, from their father’s health to family tension. Things escalated, even more, when Samantha and Thomas Markle, Jr., Meghan’s half-brother, did not receive invitations to their younger sister’s wedding. When Harry and Meghan announced they were expecting their first child, fans didn’t think it could get any worse. In fact, many people are wondering what Samantha will have to say when the royal baby is introduced to the world. With the ongoing drama, we have to wonder if Queen Elizabeth II is tired of it all.

What is causing all of the drama?

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The exact reason for the drama isn’t known among fans, and while some people think that Samantha is jealous of Meghan, others feel that she is looking for attention. Apparently, the sisters did have a relationship at one point in time, as there are photographs of them together. Until the wedding, Meghan had a relationship with her father, Thomas Markle, Sr., however, he was unable to attend her nuptials, and they haven’t spoken in almost a year.

The royal family is notoriously private

While it is certainly true that the world is fascinated by just about everything the royals do, they are famous for keeping certain things private. The family likes to portray a positive image in front of fans, and while they do have issues that go on behind closed doors, we do not hear about every one of them. We have to keep in mind that in some ways, the members of the royal family are the same as the rest of us, and from time to time, they have disagreements, hurt feelings, betrayals, and arguments. The main thing that we do know is that we do not usually hear all of the details the way we are with the Markle family drama.

Are the royals angry about the Markle family drama?

While no one has expressed any anger at this point, most people can only imagine that they are not exactly happy about the drama that Meghan’s family is causing. Harry, in particular, is very protective of his wife and is likely very upset at the stress that they are causing for her. Whether or not he has addressed the situation in private is unknown, but we can only guess that he won’t be standing for it much longer. Meghan and Harry are currently experiencing one of the happiest times of their lives, as they are becoming first-time parents, and fans don’t want to see anyone get in the way of their tremendous joy.

Is the queen tired of all the Markle family drama?

Chances are, she is. The queen likes things to run smoothly in the royal family, and she surely does not appreciate the negative attention that Meghan’s family is causing. While she has not yet taken action, she may very well do so if things don’t change soon. Queen Elizabeth is likely very fond of Meghan, and she also has a very close relationship with her grandson, Harry. This means that she must be overjoyed regarding the arrival of her newest great-grandchild, and if anyone can demand that the drama come to an end, it is her. We can’t imagine that the queen will allow the drama to continue, especially since it is causing stress for the people who are closest to her.