Is Ryan Seacrest Really Quitting ‘American Idol’?

Is Ryan Seacrest really bidding American Idol adieu? The show has been a mainstay on TV for years and while judges and contestants come and go, Seacrest has been an iconic part of the competition series.

Can you even imagine American Idol without Seacrest handling the hosting duties? If you happened to catch the April 8th episode you got a taste of it. While Bobby Bones didn’t do a bad job filling Seacrest’s shoes, the episode definitely lacked “something.”

How long has Ryan Seacrest been hosting ‘American Idol’?

Ryan Seacrest
Ryan Seacrest | Steve Granitz/WireImage

American Idol just wrapped up its 17th season earlier this month with Laine Hardy stealing first place Alejandro Aranda. Well, that’s how some fans will about it anyway. This season’s finale makes the shows 218th episode. While that’s certainly impressive, what’s crazier is the show’s ability to keep its fan base going for 17 whole years!

With judges and contestants coming and going, there’s no guarantee how fans will feel about each new season. Not to mention the show even changed hands, switching from FOX to ABC. Despite all of the random variables, there’s one variable that has remained pretty much constant throughout the show’s time: Seacrest.

The American Idol emcee has been hosting the show ever since the show’s debut on June 11, 2002. Sure, he kicked it off with Brian Dunkleman, but Dunkleman abandoned ship after a single season, leaving Seacrest to lead the charge. Now he’s a face that American Idol fans have literally watched grow with the show for almost two decades.

What was Ryan Seacrest’s favorite ‘American Idol’ moment?

With 17 years on the show, Seacrest has had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with every single judge and contestant to grace the stage. Despite putting in almost two decades, there is one moment that stands out as his favorite — the first finale. Seacrest said the energy was insane while the entire nation was rooting for both Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini. There was also an element of mystery as the show hadn’t quite found its place among the public yet.

What’s more, was the naivety among the entire cast and crew. In Seacrest’s words, it made for an extremely pure and simple experience. No one knew how the show would go over, or if the show would have a lasting effect on popular culture. Ultimately, that’s exactly what happened, and American Idol found itself catapulting to cult fandom status.  

Ryan Seacrest isn’t going anywhere

While rumors about the beloved emcee calling it quits were making their rounds, that rumor has been busted! In fact, he just commented on how he feels about the show being renewed for its 18th season. News surrounding the current judges’ panel returning is up in the air, but that doesn’t mean Seacrest isn’t excited about the possibility of doing another season with the trio — Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. Sure, some fans may not be happy with Perry as a judge, but the chemistry between the three of them is undeniable.

Even Seacrest agrees that Bryan, Richie, and Perry get along more than any other set of judges on the show. Other judges — especially the OGs, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson — were known for often bickering about the contestants. That’s not the case with these guys! Sure, their musical taste may differ and they may not always agree, but they really know how to have fun while handling their duties to a tee. Hopefully, when Seacrest comes back for another round, he’ll have his favorite judges waiting for him in the wings.