Is Sam Lutfi Behind the #FreeBritney Movement?

The #FreeBritney movement has popped up all over the internet. What’s going on in pop star Britney Spears’ life that people think she needs to be freed? Is her ex-manager Sam Lutfi behind it? Here’s your guide to understanding what the #FreeBritney hashtag is all about.

What is the #FreeBritney movement?

Britney Spears
Britney Spears | Michelangelo Di Battista/Sony/RCA via Getty Images

The story starts around a decade ago when Spears was consistently showing unstable behavior. The star was constantly in the media for crazy stunts, including shaving her head and driving with her baby in her lap. It turns out Spears was battling postpartum depression, anxiety, and addiction. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and as a result of being overworked and under immense pressure, she had a mental health breakdown that was heavily publicized.

As a result of all this, her family staged an intervention, asking her to get help. In 2008, her father was granted conservatorship over her. This means that even though she is an adult, he is her legal guardian. Her father has control over her finances, medical and personal life decisions. For example, she is not able to get married without her father’s permission.

Since that time, Spears seems to have stabilized, and it appeared that she was doing much better. However, in January of this year, her father was struggling with a health condition. Because of the stress, Spears stopped working and checked in a mental health facility.

Fans became concerned when they saw clues that Spears was unhappy with her situation. They felt she was being kept in the facility against her will, and wanted control over her own life back. That’s when the hashtag #FreeBritney began to appear. It quickly became a trending topic, as more and more people worried about their music idol’s situation.

Who is Sam Lutfi?

Spears’ ex-manager Sam Lutfi was a central figure in her life during the time of her breakdown. According to many, Lutfi is directly responsible for the pressure and issues Spears was facing. They say he encouraged her destructive lifestyle. It’s important to note that other stars, including Amanda Bynes and Courtney Love, have stated similar accusations against the Lutfi when he was in their employment. For example, Bynes had a similar mental breakdown during the time she was being managed by Lutfi.

In 2009, Spears and her family were granted a restraining order against Lutfi. It seems that hasn’t been enough to keep him out of her life though. Recently, it seems he’s been contacting Spears’ mother, Lynne Spears, and threatening them to release Spears from the conservatorship, which is currently under a court-ordered review.

This month, Spears and her family were again giving a restraining order against Lutfi, because of his recent actions. This means he has to stay 200 feet away from the star at all times, as well as any member of her family. He is also not allowed to contact any of them by phone, text, or direct message.

Is Lutfi Behind #FreeBritney?

Many people have theorized that Lutfi may be behind the #FreeBritney movement. He’s been sending text messages and making posts on social media insulting Spears’ family and insisting that they have too much control over Spears’ life. According to Lutfi, Spears wants to be back in control of her own life. He seems to be instigating and pushing Spear’s followers to back the #FreeBritney movement.

But why is he doing this? Those close to Spears say that Lutfi is trying to squeeze his way back into Spears’ life and he believes that if her family has less control, he will be able to sneak back in. In the past, Lutfi has been allegedly encouraging Spear’s destructive behavior, and it seems this is only a continuation of the same. So far, he has not been successful, as evidenced by the restraining order. Let’s hope that whatever happens is the best possible thing for our favorite early 2000’s music icon. No one wants an Opps, I Did it Again repeat of 2008’s breakdown.

How is Spears now? TMZ reports she is relaxing in Los Angeles with her boyfriend Sam Asghari. Spears is also reportedly in frequent touch with her father, too.