Is Sarah Ferguson Still in Love With Prince Andrew?

The world watched as Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew tied the knot in a lavish wedding at Westminster Abbey in 1986. And while this was a royal couple many were rooting for they separated in 1992 and ended up divorcing four years later. Over the years though, the two have managed to maintain a very good relationship with one another. In fact, they’ve been so close that many have questioned if they are still in love.

Well, thanks to Fergie’s comments we now know the answer to that as well as why they never remarried each other.

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew | Steve Heath via YouTube

They still live together?

Because Ferguson and Prince Andrew got along so well post-divorce the duchess actually moved into Royal Lodge on the Windsor Estate with her ex-husband in 2008.

However, Woman and Home reported that she moved out in 2015 and began living at a property the two own together in Verbier, Switzerland.

A spokesman said at the time the Ferguson still has a room at the Royal Lodge and will stay there on occasion.

Fergie says she still loves Prince Andrew

Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson | Gareth Fuller – WPA Pool/Getty Images

We know Fergie has said that she never wanted to divorce her husband but rather felt she had to given certain “circumstances.”

In 2018, an interview given by the Duchess of York eight years earlier resurfaced. In it, Ferguson gushed about her ex-husband and confirmed what many had already believed that she still loved him.

“I think the love I had for him then, is the love I still have for him now,” she explained, adding, “I still married the best and he’s the greatest gentleman that I know.”

Why they haven’t remarried

Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew | Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images for IAAF

Since Fergie made it clear that she still loves the Duke of York many have questioned why haven’t they remarried.

Well, one of the biggest reasons for that is thought to be because of Prince Philip’s loathe for his former daughter-in-law. Andrew’s dad has held a grudge against Ferguson for many years. He reportedly never forgave her for the embarrassment and damage he feels she did to his family’s reputation with her topless, toe-sucking scandal. He despises her so much that his son remarrying her is something he definitely would not stand for.

According to the duchess though there’s another reason they haven’t done so.

“Why aren’t we married? Everybody says well then surely it should be the happy ever after ending. We are the happy ever after, it’s just not about marriage,” Ferguson said. “It’s more about this extraordinary friendship we have. Andrew and I, we have a love which is unfathomable, it’s so great and the two girls [Princess Beatrice and Eugenie] love it. Should we be married? I don’t think we’re meant to be married. I think I am free and wild and going around, but nothing will take his place in my heart.”

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