Is Sasha Obama Joining a Sorority At The University of Michigan?

The secret is out, Sasha Obama is all settled into the University of Michigan for her freshman year. While her sister, Malia, opted to take a gap year before attending Harvard University, Sasha has headed back to the Midwest for a traditional, collegiate experience. That experience might include pledging a sorority. Allegedly, all the sororities on campus are vying for the chance to add the former first daughter to their roster, but we won’t know if she’s decided to pledge until at least the spring. 

Is Sasha Obama interested in Greek life?

The University of Michigan has an active Greek system. In fact, it’s been ranked as one of the top Greek systems in the country. According to official enrollment data, about 20% of the student population takes part in the Greek system, with more than 60 fraternities and sororities to choose from. 

Burton Memorial Tower At The University Of Michigan
The Burton Memorial Tower at The University of Michigan | Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

Whether Sasha will choose to partake in that part of college life is unknown, but if she wants to, it looks like she’ll have an easy-in at just about any house she likes. As the resident “celebrity,” students are already abuzz about her enrollment at the college.

The Greek system is allegedly enamored by her arrival, too. After all, her status as a sister could draw huge crowds to the sorority she chooses to join. It’s unlikely the public will know which if any sorority she participates in anytime soon. New members aren’t brought into the fold until much later in the year. 

What sorority could Sasha pledge?

Rush week doesn’t happen until the spring, but it looks like several sororities are already courting Sasha. According to TMZ, there is a front-runner, though. During an earlier visit to the school, the younger Obama stayed at the Alpha Chi Omega house. She was granted access to the house because a good friend from high school is currently a member. 

Malie and Sasha Obama
Malia Obama (L) and Sasha Obama | Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

According to the school’s official website, there are 23 sororities sanctioned by the school. Several of them have a focus on philanthropy, but Alpha Chi Omega is apparently one of the top philanthropic organizations on campus.

Michelle Obama was not a member of a sorority while in school at Princeton but is an honorary member of Alpha Kappa Alpha. She was granted membership in 2008, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education. Malia Obama’s status in the Greek system is unknown. 

What is she planning to study at the University of Michigan?

The Obama family has worked pretty hard to keep their private life private. In fact, fans weren’t aware of exactly where Sasha would be attending school until last week, and no official announcement was made. As for what she plans to major in, it’s anyone’s guess. Malia’s current major at Harvard University is also unknown, even as she enters her third year on the Massachusetts campus. 

Her father, the 44th president of the United States of America, graduated from Columbia University before heading off to Harvard Law School. He majored in political science at Columbia. Michelle Obama, on the other hand, graduated from Princeton University with a degree in sociology before pursuing a law degree.