Is Scarlett Johansson Ready For a Black Widow Solo Film?

Avengers: Endgame is coming to theaters in a week and fans couldn’t be more excited! Moviegoers will finally get to see what happens after Thanos took things to the next level in Avengers: Infinity War. While the fourth installment in the franchise will hopefully wrap things up neatly, it also marks the end of an era. Fans will have to kiss their favorite crime-fighting superhero team goodbye, but while The Avengers may be out for the count, Marvel fans will be able to see some of their favorite heroes in their own follow-up films.  

‘Black Widow’ is coming to theaters

Bets are that Black Widow a.k.a Natasha Romanoff will be coming to theaters in her self-titled film in the spring of 2020. Marvel has an “untitled film” slated to release in May and the Internet is sure that the date is saved for The Avengers ‘solo’ heroine. The film is currently in pre-production, and while an official statement has yet to be released, fanboys and girls everywhere are coming up with their takes on the film.

One thing is known for sure, Johansson will be tearing bad guys to shred with the help of Suicide Squad’s David Harbour, The Favourite’s Rachel Weisz, and Malevolent’s Florence Pugh. Their roles are unknown; even the plot is unknown. Well, sort of unknown. A possible synopsis was leaked and has taken up residence on IMDb under the storyline section. 

According to the synopsis, Romanoff was given to the KGB at birth. The plan? To create the perfect soldier. Things were going good until the U.S.S.R dismantled. They wanted to take their ideal operative with them but failed miserably. Black Widow ends up a solo operative in present-day NYC. The film will apparently be following Romanoff’s journey in the United States 15 years after fleeing the Soviet Union.

Is Black Widow ready to go out on her own?

In a recent press conference about Avengers: Endgame, Johansson and her fellow cast members shared some thoughts about the franchise and upcoming film. The Ghost in the Shell actress admitted that she was relieved when more women joined the squad. Being the only women on board was weighing on her so when Elizabeth Olsen and Cobie Smulders joined the crew, she was ecstatic. She said the ladies cling to each other amongst the sea of testosterone. Branching out on her own will give her a much-needed reprieve from the largely male cast.

But that’s not all! Johansson said that Black Widow has “has evolved with fan expectations.” The operative started as a “sexy secretary with a skill set on the side,” as a part of Marvel’s plan. By the time she hit The Avengers she was one of the boys and could really hold her own in battle. Now that she’s strong enough to stand on her own two feet, and the fans are ready to see more of her…it’s a perfect time for her to get her own movie to shine!

Is Marvel giving up any more info about ‘Black Widow’?

Marvel is dead set on not letting any information about the future film out until after Avengers: Endgame hits theaters. Perhaps they are afraid of spoiling some Endgame goodness if they do? Marvel has made it a point to keep the Endgame cast restricted when it comes to commenting about the upcoming films. They even made sure to keep Johansson quiet! Whenever she is asked questions about Black Widow at interviews, she always does her best to skate around the question!

Frankly, you can’t blame her! Even if Marvel wasn’t so strict on leaking information, who wouldn’t want to build more mystery about their own feature film.