Is Scheana Marie from ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Having a Baby?

Scheana | Scheana Instagram

Scheana Marie from Vanderpump Rules has never been shy posting about her personal life on Instagram. Which is why followers were wondering about some recent posts regarding drinking and a healthier lifestyle on her story.

A few weeks ago she showed her favorite drink of Four Loco on her Instagram story and said, “They still make these and I can’t drink it, it’s my favorite flavor,” Radar Online reports. Plus she also posted on Instagram about getting acupuncture around her middle section.

She made this admission. “You guys, I haven’t smoked weed in a week and I feel high right now. I highly recommend it. Namaste.”  So what gives? Is Marie pregnant? Or just getting healthy? Or something entirely different?

She seems to be concerned with her hormones

Marie is often filming her vitamin regime. Or her pill boxes that resemble something a geriatric woman would take instead of someone her age. She announced her hormone levels were low on her Instagram story too. “They are insanely low for someone my age,” she said. “Don’t know if that’s from smoking weed or being on birth control for so long. But now I’m on DHEA.” She flashes the large bottle in front of the screen.

She also featured her appearance on a podcast about going into the next year the right way. “What a better way to go into the New Year by injecting myself with hormone shots,” she laughed.

She posted about a visit to the doctor the day after Christmas

Marie took Instagram followers along for her first ultrasound appointment. During the appointment, she had a friend film the ultrasound. Plus she included the words, “I’m not pregnant! I’m freezing my eggs, lol.” The technician remarks about Marie’s ovaries. “Now the fun stuff, we’re going to take a look at your ovaries,” she says.

What were Marie’s results?

The next day Marie again took to Instagram to say she just got her results back. “Apparently my estrogen and prolactin levels are really high,” she says. “Two weeks ago I had really low AMH levels. So we redid the blood work and I’m going to back again on Sunday and they are retesting all of that.”

The next shot is Marie showing the camera a handful of pills along with, “Back on birth control to get my estrogen levels down.”

Why is she freezing her eggs now?

At age 33, Marie has time to conceive a child. However, she told US Weekly, she didn’t want to rush into a relationship just to have a baby. ” “But I know it would be very selfish of me to not do it now and then be, like, 40 and find the love of my life and be like, ‘I should have frozen my eggs when I was 33.’”

She was scared, going into the process too.  “I was like, ‘Oh, my God. I’m really doing this.’ And I freaked the F out.”

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