Is Sean Murray Still Fulfilled Playing Agent McGee in ‘NCIS?’

NCIS has been on the air for 17 seasons and counting. Thus, many of the show’s original cast members have since departed. Michael Weatherly left in 2016 to lead his own CBS series, Bull. Pauley Perrette exited in 2017 following some behind-the-scenes drama with executive producer and lead actor Mark Harmon. And, though Cote de Pablo returned at the end of season 16, and once again in season 17, she left to explore new opportunities in the middle. De Pablo starred in both The 33 and The Dovekeepers before finding her way back to Agent Ziva David. Yet, Sean Murray has been with NCIS since season 1, episode 7. 

Mark Harmon and Sean Murray NCIS
Mark Harmon as NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Sean Murray as NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

Sean Murray was initially slated to be a one-and-done character. Yet, the showrunners saw his chemistry with the rest of the cast and made room for the actor in the primary ensemble. Yet, after all these years, nearly two decades, is Sean Murray still fulfilled as Agent McGee? Does he still come to the show ready for all the new challenges and character discoveries that await? 

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Sean Murray talks about playing Agent McGee in ‘NCIS’ 

During an interview with Forbes Magazine, Sean Murray discussed NCIS, and the 14 seasons he had been on the show — at that point. He explained that he still thrives at work. Murray said: 

You have to always strive to make everything better. That never stops and keeps you going…I’ve never gotten bored and I don’t think any of us have…We are always trying to make the show better and keep it interesting. Because of that, it keeps us awake and reaching as opposed to letting things get static.


Murray explains that he, and all those involved in the series, keep the show thriving. They aim to guarantee that the series remains exciting — for those watching it, and for those working on it. 

The actors and the writers continue to bring their A-game to NCIS, ensuring that the characters develop throughout time. As the narrative expands, both the actors and the characters avoid becoming “static.” 

Sean Murray’s character has developed drastically since the beginning 

Though Sean Murray has been with NCIS since the early days, Agent McGee has virtually become a new person in the last decade. The character began as a wee trainee: a man unsure of his high-level competence and bound to the computer. Today, he is Gibbs’ second-in-command. He is confident: on and off the field. He retains his technological prowess, but he has come into his own in other ways, as he now calmly managing life-threatening predicaments.

McGee has also come to boast a family. Thus, his character has seen both a change in career and home life. His character adapts with time, providing Murray with new artistic opportunities and creative fulfillment. McGee is quite the three-dimensional character — pivotal to the show’s success, and a character Murray, according to his interview with Forbes, still enjoys playing.