Is Selena Gomez Dating Anyone?

Amid the obsession over the marriage of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, some fans have likely forgotten the details on how steady Bieber and Selena Gomez were as a couple for a number of years.

The ups and downs of their relationship gave a crazy template for how showbiz romances often work. Because we know about Bieber admitting to suffering with personal insecurities and Gomez having health problems, it was perhaps best for them to finally go separate ways.

Then again, it’s left the question of how Gomez has recovered. Is she dating anyone now, or has she decided going solo is the new Millennial way?

Bieber was Gomez’s first serious boyfriend

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It’s hard to believe it’s been over nine years when Gomez and Bieber first met and started dating. Their relationship seemed like bliss at the time. If you asked any entertainment analyst then whether they thought the two would marry, they would have definitely agreed in the affirmative.

After a breakup in 2012, “Jelena” managed to get back together again in 2013. Instagram was a mainstream social media hub by this point and where Bieber started posting pics of himself and Gomez together.

We all know the volatility that ensued in their relationship. Arguments commenced on whether they couldn’t seem to live without one another while subsequently being unable to live together long-term.

Several breakups before dating The Weeknd

Following another breakup and 2013 reunion, Bieber and Gomez kept this same pattern going for the next couple of years. Every few months, you couldn’t see a headline somewhere without hearing about either a Jelena break-up or a reunion on up through 2015.

Perhaps even they tired of the off again/on again drama, because Gomez finally started dating someone else by early 2017. The Weeknd became her new serious boyfriend, something she wasn’t afraid to showcase on her own Instagram account.

Their relationship was deemed more than a little controversial at the time because The Weeknd had just broken up with Bella Hadid, a good friend of Gomez’s.

Rebounding with the Biebs once again

Maybe the strain of forming the above complicated romantic/friendship triangle was just too much to bear. In November 2017, the relationship between Gomez and The Weeknd was over.

Considering Gomez had a kidney transplant during her time dating The Weeknd didn’t help matters. She had to deal with more than one health concern during this period, including requiring mental health treatment.

A rebound with Bieber was unexpected, yet it did happen by the end of 2017. Undoubtedly, he provided unwavering support for Gomez during her health battles.

Things were shifting in the life of Bieber, though.

The final breakup before Hailey Baldwin stepped in

Let’s stop and remember Bieber was casually dating Hailey Baldwin several years ago. During the last reunion with Gomez, Bieber was likely getting more serious with Baldwin.

This didn’t stop the new Biebs/Gomez reunion from going on until March of last year. Cosmopolitan reported on some of the details then, including showing a paparazzi pic of Bieber looking distraught at the breakup.

You have to wonder what Hailey Baldwin thought about this, even if their current marriage seems strong (yet cautious).

Is Gomez rebounding with someone else?

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Jump to where we are now and it seems Gomez is a constant target of the paparazzi trying to guess who she’s dating next. Most recently, it was thought she was dating Zac Efron just because he followed her on Instagram. 

She’s ultimately focusing on her physical and mental health rather than relationships at the moment.

The expectations of superstar Millennials like Gomez to date and get married quickly is becoming a major thorn for celebs nowadays when they should always take time for themselves first. No matter if it takes her several more years to find inner peace, let it happen organically before a relationship occurs.

Nevertheless, we do wonder if Bieber is truly over Gomez being a part of his life.