Is Seth Meyers Married?

Seth Meyers is a well-known comedian and political commentator. He has been a fixture on television since the early 2000s and is still extremely popular with comedy fans everywhere.

While many people are familiar with Meyers’ career, not a lot might know about what his life is like outside of his work. Read on below to learn more about Meyers’ personal life and whether he is married or not.

Seth Meyers became famous on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Seth Meyers on Late Night with Seth meyers
Seth Meyers | Jon Pack/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Meyers’ comedy career started when he was a student at Northwestern University, where he regularly did improv. However, he became widely known after appearing on Saturday Night Live.

Meyers joined SNL in 2001 as a cast member and writer. He became known for impersonating many famous people, such as Carrot Top, Ryan Seacrest, Anderson Cooper, and Peyton Manning.

However, what Meyers is best known for on SNL is being the host of the show’s Weekend Update segment. In 2006, he officially became a host for the segment alongside Amy Poehler. In 2008, Poehler departed SNL and Meyers proceeded to host all by himself for the next five years. He was joined by Cecily Strong in 2013.

After more than a decade on SNL, Meyers left the show in early 2014.

Seth Meyers now has his own talk show

Since 2014, Meyers has been the host of Late Night after Jimmy Fallon left the show. Although he is no longer on SNLLate Night still allows viewers to see Meyers delivering news about current events from behind a desk.

Aside from discussing political topics, Late Night also includes celebrity interviews, sketches, and musical performances.

Late Night has been nominated for several awards, including the Primetime Emmy’s and the Writers Guild of America awards.

Is Seth Meyers married?

Meyers has been married for about six years now to Alexi Ashe, a human rights lawyer and Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn.

Meyers and Ashe met because Ashe’s sister was a set designer on SNL. In 2008, Ashe’s sister invited her to come along to the wedding of SNL cast member Chris Kattan. It was here that she met Meyers.

Meyers and Ashe dated for five years being tying the knot in 2013 in Massachusetts. Ashe actually got food poisoning from eating oyster at the rehearsal dinner and was advised by a doctor to postpone her wedding. However, she continued on anyway with a good attitude.

Does Seth Meyers have any kids?

Meyers and Ashe have two children together: Ashe (b. 2016) and Axel (b. 2018).

Meyers is a comedian who is known for making jokes about a lot of different situations, so it is not surprising that he has shared some funny stories about how his children were born as well.

His oldest, Ashe, was almost born in an Uber as his wife’s contraction reportedly came very quickly. Fortunately, they eventually made it to the hospital in time. “We just made it to the hospital with 20 minutes to spare,” Meyers once told the audience on Late Night.

Meanwhile, their younger child, Axel, was actually born in the lobby of an apartment building. After Ashe’s contractions began, she, Meyers, and their midwife all made their way downstairs to take an Uber. However, Ashe suddenly told Meyers that she most likely would not make it to the taxi and would give birth where they were.

Meyers shared: “So my wife basically decided for us and she went and lied down in our lobby and we just sort of like created like a semicircle around her and you know, we undressed her and the baby was just out. The head of the baby was out.”

Through it all, Meyers was also on the phone with a 911 operator, but the birth happened so quickly. Meyers recalled telling the person on the other end: “We’re about to have a baby. We’re having a baby. We had a baby.”

He also describe it this way: “I went from like calling in about an emergency to sharing good news with a stranger.”