Is Stan Lee’s Marvel Cameo Really Him Playing Old Captain America?

While many Marvel fans have enjoyed seeing the late Stan Lee make cameos in all of the MCU films since 2008, it was really a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock who always did similar cameos in his films. However, Marvel might have had a different idea in mind other than having Lee ironically pop up in specific scenes.

Some rumors have gone around for a while that Lee was really an older version of a pivotal superhero showing up to view the events from his fellow Avenger friends.

Take a minute to analyze this further and whether it really makes sense. When you find out who fans think Lee was really playing, it might add a new, expansive twist to the time travel in Avengers: Endgame.

Was Stan Lee an old Steve Rogers observing events along the timeline?

Stan Lee
Stan Lee | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

From the outset, the idea of Lee showing up in cameos in each MCU movie was enough of a nod to acknowledge him as the true creator of the Marvel universe. Even if we all know Jack Kirby was just as pivotal in initially drawing all the Marvel comic books, Lee was the true visionary behind the marketing and writing.

Most people just accept Lee’s cameos as the stamp of approval in him being the Godfather of Marvel. What if the MCU intended for him to be Steve Rogers (Captain America), though?

You’re starting to see a prevailing theory that all those Lee cameos were perhaps old Cap popping in to observe the linear events of the past films. Since we all know Rogers decided to go back in time and stay there with Peggy Carter, maybe it was really him all along, despite not looking like the old Rogers we see at end of Avengers: Endgame.

As usual, this theory was upheld on Reddit where Marvel fan theories are posted almost daily. A lot of those theories have holes, and this might be one of them, outside of some interesting connections.

This Reddit theory was likely merely for fun, even if it does have merit

According to the Stan Lee/Cap theory on Reddit, old Rogers might have been interacting with the Avengers all along so he could be a firsthand/witty observer to the events unfolding around him. Or, maybe he was standing by to make sure things play out as they’re supposed to.

On a physical level, this doesn’t quite make sense since Lee doesn’t look like old Rogers that much — unless latter grew a mustache and decided to wear glasses as a disguise.

Many of the Lee cameos do have some interesting connections to it possibly being Rogers interacting within the MCU timeline. The fact that we see Lee as a WWII vet in one — plus some funny one-liners corresponding to later events — seem to make this theory gain a little more strength.

Also, because Lee died before they could film a cameo with him in Avengers: Endgame, fans think Chris Evans standing in as old Rogers confirms it was old Steve all along.

Stan Lee might have considered himself like Captain America

There isn’t any evidence Lee considered Captain America one of his favorite characters. He always considered all of the characters he co-created his favorites, though it seems plausible he could have looked at himself as a form of Cap. After all, he served in WWII himself and brought comic books opening a wide world of social analysis to our country.

Perhaps Lee would have brushed off the notion of him being old Rogers in the MCU films. Or maybe the writers and production team had this idea in mind all along as a way to get more fans talking.

If there’s any merit to the theory, it tells us the MCU is filled with extensive forethought, proving useful for all the future phases when new Reddit Marvel theories come out of nowhere.