Is ‘Stranger Things’ the Best New Show on Any Streaming Service?

Stranger Things was an instant hit for Netflix when it debuted on July 15, 2016. The show, which is set in the mid-1980s, gives older viewers a very large dose of nostalgia while being an accurate enough portrayal of the decade to give younger viewers a bit of a history lesson. The young stars of the show are incredibly talented and reminiscent of the beloved child actors from 1986’s Stand By Me. 

But unlike the mildly frightening plot line of Stand By Me — four kids searching for a dead body — Stranger Things is terrifying. Creatures called “demogorgons” are the things of nightmares, and side plots include government conspiracies and one very creepy, very powerful little girl.

But how many modern day horror fans have fallen victim to Stranger Things’ intense, character-driven plot line? Is Stranger Things the best new show on any streaming service, and why do fans love it so much? Here’s what we know.

Is ‘Stranger Things’ the best new show on any streaming service?

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The popular voting site Ranker had fans vote on which new original show was the best on any streaming service. This included shows from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon – all of whom have begun creating their own original television series. Fans were quick to vote Stranger Things into the top spot by a long shot. The show received 4,010 votes up. 

The top three fan favorite shows were all Netflix originals. Stranger Things was followed by The Haunting of Hill House and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The fourth spot was home to an Amazon Video original, Jack Ryan. The top five was rounded out with Netflix’s The Punisher. The first Hulu original series to make the list was The Handmaid’s Tale in the ninth spot. 

How much do fans really love ‘Stranger Things’?

Fans are obviously in love with Stranger Things, and it isn’t only the massive number of up votes it received on Ranker’s fan favorite list. Nielsen released some viewership numbers that are absolutely jaw dropping. An incredible 361,000 people binge watched all nine episodes of season two in the very first day it was released. But that’s not all…

Within three days of being released, the first episode had more than 15 million views. All consecutive episodes had an average of around 4 million views. This means that about 4 million people had watched the entire second season within three days. The official social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter also received over 7 million social interactions in those three days.

If you think that’s impressive, you should consider the fault in Nielsen’s numbers. While it may be the go-to for television viewership, it doesn’t paint a whole picture for streaming services. Why? It doesn’t count mobile phone or computer viewership, which Netflix says is a large portion of its audience. That means the actual viewership numbers could be much higher — and significantly more impressive.

Why do fans love the show so much?

Stranger Things doesn’t just have an all-star cast and a big dose of nostalgia. The story evolves over an entire season, so that each individual episode is left on a cliffhanger. Then, they end an entire season with an even larger cliffhanger, so audiences are left wanting more. Yet, with the intense horror elements comes a very large dose of reality. The characters and setting are incredibly believable, which honestly just makes it more frightening.

When will season 3 be available to watch?

If you’re among the millions of people who have already devoured the first two seasons, you’ll be happy to know there isn’t too much of a wait for the third season. The confirmed release date is July 4th of this year. In the meantime, the official Stranger Things social media accounts have been slowly leaking sneak peeks to keep viewers occupied.