Is ‘Summer House’ as Popular as ‘Vanderpump Rules?’

Monday night on Bravo means it’s time for millennial mayhem. The network scheduled back to back programming that follows the lives of young, attractive professionals living on both coasts.

Vanderpump Rules has a longer history on Bravo than its counterpart, Summer House. Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills prompted the spin-off show based on the lives of servers and bartenders working at her restaurant SUR.

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Summer House also has a Vanderpump connection. The show debuted via a Vanderpump girls’ trip to the Hamptons. Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules actually knew Ashley and Lauren Wirkus, who were Summer House cast members at the time. Summer House previews show that the Vanderpump kids will be back to the Hamptons this year too. So is the New York-based show as popular as the show in Cali?

Both casts are friends

Many of the Vanderpump Rules and Summer House cast members like to hang out together. Even though the connection began via Schroeder and the twins, the friendship now extends well into all the cast members.

Schroder told Bravo’s The Daily Dish she and Kyle Cooke are buddies despite the super awkward hot tub scene. “I adore Kyle. I feel so bad that our first meeting was like that, but also, it is so entertaining and it is my favorite scene in the history of Vanderpump Rules now,” she said. Our personalities are very similar, which is probably why a love connection didn’t happen.” 

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A (small) love connection did happen between Vanderpump’s Scheana Marie and Carl Radke from Summer House. The two admitted to having a drunken make-out session but didn’t consider it a hookup. “We had a drunken makeout once in New York, not twice, once,” Marie said on Watch What Happens Live. “Making out I don’t consider hooking up.”

The shows share a number of similiarites

Unlike the Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules and Summer House focuses on a younger demographic. Cast member ages range from the mid-20s to nearly 40 (thanks Jax Taylor, who seems to be considered the “dad” of the group now). This season of Summer House, Radke, and Cooke, who were full-fledged party animals seem to have tamed their drunken roar. At one point during the current Summer House season, the older cast members reflect on how being in their mid-30s means they are really getting older and it is time to get more serious about life.

Of course, there’s the partying. Lots and lots of partying. The drink of choice seems to be rosé for the Summer House crew, whereas the cast of Vanderpump Rules appears to explore more exotic options. Plus there are the hookups, fights, and makeups on both shows too. Additionally, two couples are engaged now as well. Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright from Vanderpump Rules and Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula from Summer House are in wedding planning mode.

But one show definitely dominates the ratings

Vanderpump Rules has been on Bravo four years longer than Summer House. So the franchise has had a longer amount of time growing its viewership base. Even though the shows are somewhat similar, the numbers definitely reflect that more people tune into Vanderpump Rules over Summer House.

Summer House, season 3 debuted at number 42, whereas Vanderpump Rules came in at number six the same evening. Both shows rose in the rankings over the past few months. However, Summer House has yet to crack the top 10.

The most recent rankings show Vanderpump Rules at number 5 for Monday night programming, which is one of the higher ranked episodes. Whereas Summer House rose in the rankings, but still sat at 22. The question is: why don’t more viewers continue the Vanderpump Rules party into Summer House?

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