Is ‘Superman & Lois’ Getting a Season 2?

Superman & Lois has been a resounding success for The CW in its first two episodes. Fans and critics alike have been impressed by its atypical family-oriented superhero storytelling and its shockingly-high production values compared to the rest of the network’s DC Comics shows.

The rest of the debut season is set to air weekly on the CW for a total of 15 episodes. It will be interesting to see if the show can maintain its current goodwill that whole, especially given some of the unpleasant behind-the-scenes drama it’s experienced.

With that in mind, many viewers enraptured by these early episodes surely want to know: has Superman & Lois been renewed for second season?

Is ‘Superman & Lois’ coming back for season 2?

Superman Tyler Hoechlin suited up
Tyler Hoechlin from ‘Superman & Lois.’ | The CW

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The CW has found consistent success with its interconnected DC Comics TV shows, starting with Arrow back in 2012. Every single one so far has run for multiple seasons, and the good news is that Superman & Lois will be no different.

Just hours before the second episode aired on March 2, the CW confirmed that the show will return for season 2, via outlets like TVLine. Given the standard production pace for the CW, fans should expect the Man of Tomorrow and family to return around this time next year. There’s no confirmation at the moment about how many episodes the second season might consist of.

The phenomenal multi-platform debut of Superman & Lois, which delivered for us in a big way on both a linear and streaming basis, is a testament to the creativity, hard work and dedication of the talented people who worked tirelessly in front of and behind the camera, especially in this challenging environment.

Mark Pedowitz, CEO of The CW

TVLine also added that Superman & Lois debuted to an audience of 1.75 million viewers. This made it The CW’s best Tuesday, 8:00 p.m. performer since 2019, as well as its most-watched series premiere since its last new DC Comics property, Batwoman, also from 2019.

Tyler Hoechlin reprises his role as Clark Kent for the series. The actor first appeared in the role in the second season of Supergirl. He is joined by Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane, as well as Jordan Elsass and Alexander Garfin as the couple’s teenage sons, Jonathan and Jordan Kent.

‘Superman & Lois’ strives to be film quality

The team behind the CW superhero shows have been upfront about their intention to make the series feel more akin to a feature film in terms of production quality and feel. Based on the episodes released so far, most fans seem to agree that they’ve succeeded.

“Whenever you do any of these shows, you want to make them slightly different,” showrunner Todd Helbing said at a recent panel, as reported by Deadline. “We just approached this as much as we could like a feature — from the aspect ratio to the cinematography to the look to the design of the house and farm. We are competing with shows on cable and streamers… we wanted to be able to do that and offer audiences something of equal quality.”