Is T.I.’s Virginity Check a Human Rights Violation? Gloria Steinem Thinks So

T.I. took to a podcast last week and immediately set the internet on fire. The rapper and father of six admitted that he sets up a yearly gynecological appointment for his 18-year-old daughter, Deyjah Harris. Not only does he set up the meeting, but he accompanies the teen and then speaks to the doctor after the pelvic exam is done. He’s not really interested in the state of the young adult’s cervix, though. Instead, he’s concerned about her hymen. It seems that T.I. is unnaturally interested in whether or not his daughter is still a virgin, and that’s the moment the internet exploded. Gloria Steinem has now weighed in.

Gloria Steinem has serious issues with T.I.’s admission

Steinem spoke out against T.I. to TMZ yesterday. The 85-year-old activist suggested that not only is T.I. sexist, but he’s violating his child’s human rights. She suggested the police should be involved in the situation. Sure, the 18-year-old signed off on her father’s right to get her medical information, but Steinem doesn’t think it should stand.

She believes the now-legal adult was forced to sign the paperwork under duress and suggested that the imbalance of power should make the document void. In theory, the younger Harris should be able to void the document at any time. Several Twitter users have suggested she has the right to withdraw consent at any time, and switching doctors could quickly rectify the situation, too.

T.I. | John Lamparski/Getty Images

Steinem was further up in arms when she was informed that T.I. doesn’t seem to value his son’s virginity in the same way he values his daughter’s. T.I. admitted that his 15-year-old is sexually active and that he doesn’t see the boy’s sexual activity in the same light. In short, he’s fine with King having sex, but can’t wrap his head around the idea of Deyjah doing the same.

Deyjah Harris seems to agree that her dad’s behavior is over the top

Harris, who is now 18-years-old, has spent her time since the revelation liking tweets from fans who have labeled her father’s behavior as disgusting and possessive, so it’s safe to say she probably feels pretty strongly about having her privacy violated, then having that violation aired to the public. To hear T.I. tell it, he’s merely trying to keep his child safe, but he admitted he feels differently about his 15-year-old son, King, having sexual relationships, so clearly this isn’t a religious thing.

Since Harris is liking comments that speak negatively about her father, one can assume that Steinem is right in her assertion that Harris is not acting freely when allowing her father to talk to her doctor. It’s possible that because T.I. holds the purse strings, the 18-year-old is forced to go along with the personal violation.

According to Hollywood Life, Harris has also unfollowed her father on social media. She hasn’t made a public comment about the situation, nor has her mother, Ms. Niko. T.I. is currently married to Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris. He shares three children with Tiny. Deyjah is the only child he shares with Ms. Niko. He also shares two children with Lashon Thompson.