Is Taylor Swift Officially Feuding with Justin Bieber?

Taylor Swift has incited something of a riot on social media. The songstress took to Instagram to voice her displeasure at Scooter Braun owning her music with his purchase of Big Machine Records. The “Delicate” singer and Braun have some seriously bad blood, and his acquisition of the company seems to have sent Swift into a bit of a frenzy. Her lengthy, well thought out post has a lot of music industry insiders debating and discussing the issue. While several people have come to Swift’s defense, there is one person who jumped on team Scooter right away – Justin Bieber. Bieber’s quick response seems to have Swift pretty annoyed, and now fans think she’s slyly spilling some tea on the pop star.

How did Justin Bieber get involved in Taylor Swift’s feud with Scooter Braun?

While a lot of people assume Bieber inserted himself in the drama between Swift and Braun, it looks like Swift might have dragged him into the whole thing In the first place. The “Delicate” singer noted a social media post made by Bieber as an example of Braun bullying her. Bieber, once he was called out, quickly jumped to the defense of his long-time rep.

Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift
Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift | Photo by Kevin Mazur/TCA 2011/WireImage

Bieber not only took complete responsibility for the 2016 social media post that Swift referenced but continued by singing Braun praises. He finished his post by suggesting Braun had always been in Swift’s corner and would be happy to sit down and talk about the entire situation.

Several other stars have come out to defend the super-rep. Demi Lovato offered her support and noted that she believes Braun is one of the good ones in the music industry.  Ariana Grande had initially posted to congratulate Braun on his sale, but deleted her post and unfollowed the music executive, according to Seventeen. Grande is managed by Braun.

Bieber is being eviscerated online

If Bieber knew what would happen once he posted to social media, would he have still done it? Most likely. The 25-year-old singer is no stranger to social media controversy, but this particular issue might be more complex can than he had initially thought.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | Photo by Ben Aroch/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Shortly after his Instagram message was posted, several celebrities came out in support of Swift. A choreographer who worked with Bieber posted a lengthy statement about the “Beauty and the Beat” singer’s treatment of women. Emma Portner, who happens to be married to Ellen Page, took to Instagram to lambast the star for treating women poorly, attending a church that is reportedly anti-LGBTQ+, and offering poor pay to those who work for him, according to People.

Portner’s post doesn’t exactly reference the Swift drama that Bieber has involved himself in, but the timing makes it evident that his social media post prompted her response. Bieber nor his representation have responded to Portner’s claims.

Fans think Taylor Swift confirmed cheating rumors in the wake of the feud

Swift is apparently monitoring the situation and has even taken to “liking” posts that mention Bieber’s bad behavior. One fan responded to Bieber’s post by suggesting Swift has nothing good to say about him because he cheated on her best friend. Swift liked the post, according to Cosmopolitan.

Fans believe Swift confirmed the industry’s worst kept secret; Bieber cheated on his on-again-off-again former girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Gomez and Bieber dated for years before ending things quietly shortly before Bieber married Hailey Baldwin in September 2018.

While the like probably confirms the cheating, Bieber himself has admitted there were trust issues within the relationship, and even referenced cheating when speaking with media outlets. Swift’s like of a comment didn’t exactly confirm anything that wasn’t already known, but it certainly seems like a power move given the current situation.