Is Taylor Swift Still Feuding With Kim Kardashian?

Taylor Swift is the Julia Roberts or Jennifer Aniston of the music industry. What does that mean? She’s basically America’s sweetheart save for the obligatory haters. Sure, she’s crossed a few lines throughout her career, but Swift has a legion of fans standing at her back. They have been singing along to her breakup ballads and routing for her success since day one.

It’s not just livid fans that Swift has to handle, but celebrity drama as well. One such celeb arch nemesis is top of food chain beauty mogul, Kim Kardashian. 

What started the Taylor Swift-Kim Kardashian feud?

Realistically the drama all began at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009. Kanye West hopped on stage, claiming Swift’s music video, You Belong to Me wasn’t good enough to earn the Music Video of the Year award. Instead, he felt it should have gone to none other than his lady love for Single Ladies. In an embarrassing moment that went down in media history, West interrupted Swift’s acceptance speech to let the world know how he felt. This move naturally caused some incredibly bad blood between the two performers

Fast forward to 2016 when the rapping extraordinaire’s album, St. Paublo, dropped. In the song Famous, West raps a lyric that brings Swift up by name.

“I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that b*tch famous (Godd*mn). I made that b*tch famous.”

Once news hit Swift, she was mortified. The he said, she said argument immediately began. Swift claimed that while she gave him the OK to mention her in this album, she had no idea the lyrics would be so vulgar. West claimed she was fully aware of the words when he granted permission. Well, Kardashian had some receipts, a video showing that the Red singer was aware of the lyrics. Not only did she post the video, but she also called Swift a snake in a tweet that went in the history books. 

Taylor Swift clapped back in her music

On Swift’s 2018 album Reputation, the singer took her typical coping mechanism to the next level! The album managed to call out an insane amount of exes and enemies. On the roster was none other than Kim K AND her troublemaking hubby.

When the album was first announced, the breakup ballad queen wiped every single image from her Instagram. The move blindsided fans and left her army both worried and perplexed. When she returned she uploaded three mysterious videos which all referenced a hissing snake. An obvious relationship to Kardashian calling her out as a snake was made. 

She continued the call out in the Look What You Made Me Do MV. At the end of the video, Swift takes on Kardashian by dolling herself up as Katy Perry while singing, “getting receipts. I’m going to edit this later.” Did the reality star edit the video to save her hubby’s reputation?

The song This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things was all about the crazy West/Kardashian situation. In the song she also sings, “There I was giving you a second chance/If only you weren’t so shady/But you stabbed me in the back while shaking my hand/And therein lies the issue/Friends don’t try to trick you/Get you on the phone and mind-twist you.” A reference to the phone call regarding his trouble causing track. 

How else did Swift handle the heat?

Taylor Swift
TTaylor Swift | Jun Sato/TAS18/Getty Images

In an interview with Elle, Swift touched on thirty important lessons she’s learned before hitting thirty. There were a few lessons on the list that have definitely helped her handle the heat.

  • Vitamins: The Gorgeous singer says she takes L-theanine, a natural supplement that is known to reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Use the disable button: When the going gets rough, Swift just taps the disable button. It keeps the haters from commenting on her stuff and dampening her mood. The best part is it takes literally no effort from Swift!
  • Laugh Often: In the face of bullying Swift had to come up with a healthy coping mechanism. After Kim K called her a snake there was an intense hate campaign targeting Swift. Kardashian managed to rally a ton of haters behind her and they were relentless. To cope Swift began to embrace the name in the most comical of fashions. She started using a 63-foot inflatable cobra, aptly named Karyn, during her tour. Fans loved it and it was truly a healthy way to handle the situation. 

Are Kim K and Taylor Swift still feuding?

While the two aren’t besties, they have apparently moved on from their feuding days. When Kim K appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen she divulged a fun fact. The three-year-long feud was America’s sweetheart was finally over. In her own words,” Over it…I feel like we’d all moved on.”

The comment was a bit snappy, but it got the job done. Kim K even went as far as to share a Snapchat video of her listening to one of Swift’s songs Delicate. She may not be a Swifty, but listening to her music shows that the two have hopefully legitimately put all that nonsense behind them.