Is Taylor Swift the World’s Biggest Sellout or Smartest Saleswoman?

Critics of the multi-millionaire singer/songwriter Taylor Swift may call her a sellout, but the girl knows how to market herself.

Swift’s most recent endeavors may just prove that not only is she deserving of the title “highest paid celebrity” but she’s a pretty savvy saleswoman.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | Rich Fury/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Taylor’s partnership with Capital One

In a 30-second video commercial beginning her new partnership with Capital One, Swift serves up a handful of her signature Easter eggs to her fans.

Swift has signed on with Capital One for a several-year partnership showcasing their credit cards along with some exclusive benefits Swifties would earn by signing up for the credit card.

The commercial opens with someone playing the jukebox. The only option to play? Taylor’s hit song “Me!” As it continues playing in the background, Swift, dressed as a waitress, walks up to a couple sitting at the counter and slips them the bill. The bill is covered in classic Swift icons: the number 13, 1989 (the title of one of her albums) and of course, a kitty cat.

The commercial hits all the right notes and checks all the boxes for Swift fans, and will certainly appease the masses who just can’t get enough of her lately. Not only that, it’s another great way for her to promote her upcoming album Lover.

Swift’s fans love her Easter egg self-promotion

Taylor’s diehard fans all know that she loves to hide clues about her life and her music. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly she explained the usage of what she calls “Easter eggs,” which are just messages which she has hidden in plain sight.

These “Easter eggs” give clues about future events or contain some other special information which her fans are dying to know.

Her fans love to hunt for them and she loves to leave them.

She knows how to roll out an album

Swift primed the pump before her album release with her famous Easter eggs and also by completely redesigning her Instagram page. Gone are the stark images of her Reputation phase, instead purposefully pastel images line her social media accounts. Her timing was perfection and her pictures light and airy.

She slowly released information to her fans about her newest album Lover with meticulous care. Posting images of butterflies and bubble gum pink filters over portraits of her kitties. Rainbows and hearts led the way to fans finding out that she would be releasing an album in late August. Their response couldn’t have been more positive.

Swift fully embraces her brand, has focused her efforts to align all of her social accounts with her goals, and keeps abreast of what her fans want. It’s a winning strategy.

She has more lovers than haters

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A happy meal

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As Taylor’s music has evolved from teenage love ballads to catchy pop tunes with a political drive, she’s developed critics and battled internet trolls. But, with more than 120 million followers on Instagram, and playing to sold-out crowds on tour, it is clear this girl has far more lovers than haters.

Although it does seem like Swift is constantly feuding with someone, the singer has recently started focusing her energy on more positive matters. As she mends fences with former foes, like Katy Perry, she continues to build and spread her positive influence.

Swift is planting herself in all the right places

From prime time commercial slots to appearances on The Ellen Show, Swift is good at putting herself in places where her fans are bound to see her. It’s one of her specialties.

It doesn’t come as a surprise to Swifties that the superstar is appearing in the film adaptation of the musical Cats either. Her love of cats is the predominant motivator, we’re sure, but also because the film is getting a lot of hype right now.

Mostly though, it’s just because she loves cats. She tells Time that when the role came up she thought to herself “This is my calling in life,” so she went out for the role and landed it. Marketing genius or just a crazy cat lady? Does it matter?