Is ‘Teen Mom’ Alum Farrah Abraham Still Single?

Former Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham, may not be on TV these days, but she continues to stay in the headlines. With the spotlight not dimming soon, critics are watching Abraham’s actions closely through her social media posts and appearances at public events. This includes fans and a shrinking list of Instagram followers keeping close tabs on Abraham’s love interests. Most recently her pre-COVID pandemic fling. 

Who is Farrah Abraham?

Abraham is a reality TV star, singer, writer, and entrepreneur from Council Bluffs, Iowa. After discovering she was pregnant in 2009, Farrah starred in 16 and Pregnant and then more notably on Teen Mom, renamed Teen Mom OG.

She has a debut album titled My Teenage Dream Ended, as well as a book with the same title. Her book made it onto The New York Times bestseller list.

The father of Farrah’s daughter, Sophia Laurent Abraham,  was Derek Underwood, who died in a car accident only one month before Sophia was born. She is most recently in the headlines for questionable parenting.

Farrah Abraham’s new boyfriend

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

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Before the coronavirus pandemic, the 29-year-old single mom had posted several PDA photos with Daniel Ishag, making their relationship Insta-official. The couple vacationed together at Hotel Viceroy Los Cabos in Mexico for Daniel’s birthday in February, when they shared on social media several photos of them holding hands throughout the trip.

Her mom, Debra Danielsen, told The Sun that they hadn’t been dating very long. However, a close friend of Farrah revealed that the two had been dating for months.

Although the length of the relationship is up for debate, one thing is for certain: the relationship is over. Only a month after the couple’s official announcement, Farrah’s mom revealed that the relationship was over. 

The details of the most recent breakup

Only a month of watching Abraham and Ishag’s love blossom on social media and the introduction to her daughter, Sophia, fans were quick to spot the recent breakup. If Farrah’s Instagram Story wasn’t cluing enough, the two also unfollowed each other on Instagram.  

Teen Mom grandma, Debra, confirmed the rumors of the breakup. She told The Sun: “It was too much about him. He was immature. She ended it perfectly. Block and delete!” 

Farrah recently revealed to Life & Style more details about the breakup. While many believed the thought of taking on the responsibility of Sophia was overwhelming to Daniel, Farrah says otherwise.

During the exclusive interview with Life & Style, Farrah states that she ended her relationship when COVID started because “somebody showed up to go grocery shopping with me, with no gloves and no mask.” She is searching for someone who shares the same passion for cleanliness as her. 

Farrah is single and waiting for someone amazing

With an exclusive interview with Life & Style, Farrah revealed that she is focusing on being a mom number one and dating second. In her next boyfriend, she is looking for someone to dazzle with romance.

For now, she’s a single lady having fun spending time with her eleven-year-old daughter and sharing their adventures on her social media.