Is ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham OK? Why Fans Are Worried After Her Oscars Viewing Party Video

If there’s any star who’s known for causing a major stir, it’s Farrah Abraham. Fans remember when she originally got her start on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and then gained further notoriety and fame through Teen Mom OG. Now, she’s no longer affiliated with the series but still maintains that she’s a business-savvy entrepreneur who’s paving her own way for her and her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia. And from the looks of her Instagram, no matter how much hate she receives online, she’s continuing to do well for herself.

Fans seem to be worried after they saw a video of her at an Oscars viewing party, however. Here’s why the footage seriously concerned them.

Farrah and Sophia attended an Oscars viewing party in Los Angeles

The Academy Awards mark the biggest night in Hollywood, as it’s always a star-studded event full of wonderful wins, amazing performances, and beautiful red carpet looks. Farrah and daughter Sophia didn’t attend the actual event, but OK! Magazine reports they did go to the 4th Annual Roger Neal Oscar Viewing Dinner Icon Awards in Los Angeles. The two wore matching yellow gowns and looked incredible on the big night — and judging from Farrah’s Instagram, she and her daughter had a great time. “Absolutely love this … we need more fashion days like this!” she captioned her Instagram post.

Prior to the Oscars party, it was already a big month for Farrah, too. She recently celebrated Sophia’s 10th birthday, which involved special tea time at The Plaza in New York that came complete with beautiful treats and a tea kettle-shaped cake. The two then went to see The Lion King on Broadway to finish off the night. Fans shared their concern in the comments that Sophia wasn’t spending her birthday with any friends or other family members, however. And another video that surfaced afterward from the Oscars party concerned fans even more.

Fans noticed Farrah seemed out-of-sorts in a video from the party

Farrah Abraham celebrates Daughter Sophia's 10th birthday
Farrah Abraham celebrates Daughter Sophia’s 10th birthday | Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Radar Online reports while at the Oscars party, Farrah went live on Instagram to record her fun night she was having with Sophia. In the video, she’s seen singing along to Queen’s “We Are the Champions” while it plays in the background — but fans noticed how disoriented Farrah appears. The star looks as if she’s swaying back and forth while she’s singing along, and she seemingly struggled to sing, too. Even Sophia, who is seated next to Farrah, looks concerned and wildly uncomfortable throughout the video.

There was no alcohol present in the video, but that didn’t stop fan speculation. As one user posted on Reddit, “I can’t imagine getting wasted and acting like a fool where my child can see me.” And another posted in the comments section on her Instagram, “OUCH girl… did you read the article RADAR just posted ???.. Intoxicated & confused at the Oscars.. in the HEADLINE… oh girl… not a good look….”

She may currently be in some legal trouble

Farrah hasn’t publicly commented on the incident, but it’s left some fans worried that she could be headed down a dangerous path. Radar Online reminds us when the star was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2018 for getting into a physical altercation while allegedly intoxicated. And even more recently, TMZ reported she’s now getting sued for breaking a lease she had in Texas and leaving without paying over $100,000 in rent. Earlier this year, People reports Farrah was also getting sued for not attending a celebrity boxing match she promised to follow through with, too.

Perhaps the Oscar night was just Farrah letting loose and having fun, but fans seem to think it was something more. The good news is that OK! Magazine reports she completed her court-assigned anger management recently, too, so that’s one less legality to worry about.

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