Is Thanos Really Gone? Why a Few Marvel Fans Think We’ll See Him Again

When it comes to addressing death in the MCU, it’s obvious that they’ve set a precedent for loss of life being relative. Star Wars has done the same, especially with its newest classic line of “No one’s ever really gone.” In the case of baddies like Thanos in the MCU, that may also prove true.

Actor Josh Brolin holds a promo picture of his character Thanos from the Avengers Infinity War movie
Actor Josh Brolin, who played Thanos | Image Group LA via Getty Images

One of the plot holes Marvel dug is if the good superheroes can still technically come back to life, so can their enemies. The death of Thanos during the finale of Endgame seemed final and permanent. Yet, because it only happened due to the Avengers plotting to time travel, the world of alternate realities and shifts in time come into play.

As usual, Reddit users have some theories as to what might happen to Thanos in future MCU movies or phases.

Fans note a particular bonus scene on the ‘Endgame‘ DVD

One Reddit user mentioned a deleted scene on the Endgame DVD has Tilda Swinton (as the Ancient One) mentioning something very interesting about the snap. Those who’ve stayed casual viewers of the MCU may not remember The Snap is the physical action of Thanos who willed half of the universe out of existence in an instant, including many of the Avengers.

Of course, this was reversed in Endgame, though now we know The Ancient One warned about the snap and how it also has possibilities in reversing the death of Thanos.

Whether anyone wants to assume a deleted scene is true canon will decide whether there’s now the possibility of Thanos returning in a future MCU film. Not that death hasn’t already been placed into a state of flux in the MCU where just about anyone could return at this point. Yes, call it perfect convenience if any of the original Avenger actors just so happen to want to reprise their roles.

The big question on Reddit and other fan boards now is whether Thanos really will return. There seems to be one growing consensus on an answer.

What are the chances of Thanos coming back?

It’s always fun to come up with different theories on how various MCU characters can come back. Maybe it really is possible for Thanos to return, but having him back in Phase Four definitely isn’t in the cards. Unless Kevin Feige has a few surprises up his sleeve.

All general assessment in the above Reddit thread is Thanos probably wouldn’t return for years in an MCU film, only because there’s so much focus on other characters over the immediate term. This includes new villains who may or may not have the same powers as Thanos.

There is one interesting twist there, though, including the chance of audiences at least learning more about Thanos’s background. This comes in the upcoming and much-anticipated Eternals.

Anyone who knows their Marvel comic books knows Thanos was one of the Eternals, which means he could be virtually indestructible in some ways. With that film out by next year, there’s always a chance audiences could learn more about his origins if nothing else.

What would happen if Thanos came back to life?

Maybe there’s a way for Thanos to come back easier than what was let on. If so, it means he could return at any time that is convenient. Thanos actor Josh Brolin is very much in demand as an actor as well, meaning there’s likely only a small chance he’ll be coming back as the character in anything soon.

Kevin Feige may figure the time between death and a possible resurrection needs to be long to have any real resonance. It’s all the more reason characters like Iron Man and Captain America probably won’t be seen in any present form any time soon until there’s time to let them settle into the public consciousness.

Thanos is another who needs to rest for a while after such a dramatic death. Nevertheless, learning more about his backstory in Eternals could prove interesting, particularly if it gives a more sympathetic view to one of the most hated Marvel villains.