Is the ‘90210’ Reboot Canceled or Will There Be a Season 2?

Projects with meta themes are becoming a major new niche across the board, though not always seen so much in mainstream TV. When BH90210 debuted as a new reboot of Beverly Hills 90210, everyone was taken aback when seeing just how meta the show decided to be. Many viewers expected it would be about the lives of real cast members discussing a reboot, but nobody expected how much it would feel like The Twilight Zone.

Tori Spelling from 90210
Tori Spelling from 90210 | Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Much of this had to do with the actions of the characters to supposedly reflect their real lives. Or is it really based on their reality?

In this case, maybe it’s become more of a reality show reinvention. Whether this creative experiment will last into a second season is still up in the air.

The chances of a second season look decent based on the ratings

According to recent ratings data, BH90210 managed to pull in decent numbers in multiplatform viewers. We have to imagine this captured slightly older viewers beyond the 18-34 demographic. After all, the nostalgia for ’90s shows has hit an all-time high within the Generation-X crowd.

Perhaps even millennials were turned on to the show who might have grown up with the later 2000s reboot (now considered non-canon). One could argue the entire 90210 franchise is one with the broadest fan base based on Generation X and their children born within the last 15-20 years. It could even be with it streaming on places like Hulu and Amazon (albeit not complete episodes), it’s kept it in the minds of all age groups.

Most of all, a lot of people are just wondering how the actors of the original 90210 are doing. After the death of Luke Perry recently, the timing behind this show probably couldn’t be more apropos as a cathartic way for fans to reconnect.

Many sources now say if there’s a second season, things are going to get a little more complicated in the narrative.

Creating the double duty of nostalgia with the actors and the characters

EOnline is saying once a second season is green-lit, the intention of BH90210 is to reboot the original show within the show. Yes, this means the actors as we see them will be acting their old parts again from within the series.

If you think this sounds like a renewed Twilight Zone episode, you might be partially right. Not everyone loved seeing some of the situations play out on the debut episode alone. Nobody can say they were entirely comfortable seeing a scene of Jason Priestley and Jennie Garth sleeping with one another as their “real selves.”

At least we’ve heard from the actors that these so-called real versions of themselves are also fictional, or halfway. Priestley himself said recently his alternate reality version of himself isn’t anywhere near who he really is, other than being a director.

Maybe this makes some people feel better, if still feeling weird watching them interact. In many ways, it might be ribbing one genre already in need of reinvention: Reality shows with very little reality.

This is also a satire on the sorry state of reality shows

Yes, BH90210 is designated as a comedy-drama, yet it’s also clear there’s a lot of satire going on here at ribbing reality show formats. They’re basically telling us the reality show situations we see are usually the product of writers 98% of the time.

Let’s hope viewers are on to this and not taking it to heart these versions of the 90210 actors are portraying their real personas. We just hope they can get this message across to everyone, including their own family members. How surreal would it be to have to explain themselves at Thanksgiving about a controversial scene played out on the show?

How the show affects them psychologically is another mystery. Once it goes super meta with the reboot within the reboot, we’ll need a talk show afterward so a moderator, fans, and cast can discuss everything on a metaphysical level.