Is the Bromance Over Between Shep Rose and Craig Conover From ‘Southern Charm?’

Shep Rose and Craig Conover from Southern Charm seemed to get back on track with their friendship in recent months. The friends who sometimes act like enemies tend to spar a little too hard sometimes, making fans wonder if they love or hate each other.

Over the past few months, Rose and Conover appeared to be on pretty friendly terms. Their Instagram accounts included fun pics with each other leading fans to believe that perhaps the bromance is warming up again.

Craig Conover, Shepard Rose |Photo by: Paul Cheney/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

However, the trailer for Southern Charm may show otherwise. So are the guys becoming closer or is this friendship being put on ice? Plus is Conover the only one who may be fighting with Rose?

Rose and Conover showed off their bromance on Instagram

The buds were up to their old snarky tricks on Instagram, but most of the ribbing came from a place of love.

Rose posted this funny photoshopped image of Conover to his Instagram. “So i have an extremely ridiculous and hilarious group of friends who love to poke fun of me and the show,” Rose wrote. One friend in particular @brianrule is a great graphic artist. They just sent me this awesome Craig tribute and i laughed so hard. @caconover did too and I’m posting it. Please scroll through to see other awesome photoshopped pictures of me and the cast. And much love to #Closebuddies1 who inspire me to be as silly, witty and outrageous as possible on a daily basis.”

Rose and Conover also filled their Instagram with photos from games, dinners and even having some fun at local bars and watering holes.

The guys still seem to be tight

Most recently Rose, Conover and pal Austen Kroll went on a golf trip. Rose snapped a pic and wrote, “If you see us out there at @theplayerschamp please send @caconover home to change. No one agrees with his outfit choice. Good times ahead. (Obviously joking, love @travismathew) @pgatour.”

The trio also collectively went out on the town with their personal trainer too. “Our first night out on the town with our personal trainer and new great friend ; the name he created for our group text is #Biceps4Bravo. We met @krollthewarriorking and @caconover after he and I worked out earlier today. Solo. He said ‘They’re going to pay tomorrow!’ And he gave me the day off. Stoked.”

Rose joked around with Conover and Cameran Eubanks too. Conver is flashing some bunny ears over Rose’s head. “Just hanging with some OGs, verbally harassing each other. As per usual. Craig didn’t get the bunny ears are lame memo.”

But things may have gone south at some point

The Southern Charm trailer shows Rose at odds with not only Conover but also Kroll. At one point in the trailer, Conover says to Kroll and Kathryn Dennis, “Shep is turning into a huge f**king assh*le again.”

Meanwhile, Kroll’s new girl tells Rose she thinks he is a bad influence on her boyfriend. “I’m not going to f**king die on the cross for you, man,” Rose is seen saying in another scene to Kroll. What happened and are the guys still friends? Viewers will have to wait until May 15 when Southern Charm returns.

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