Is the Damage Between Meghan Markle and Her Sister Beyond Repair?

Everyone in the world has some form of family drama — that’s the hard truth. The family of Meghan Markle is no different. Meghan’s estranged half-sister, Samantha Grant, appears to go out of her way to make hurtful comments about the Duchess.

While some have wondered if her actions are due to jealousy or a desire for attention, Samantha is giving no sign of stopping anytime soon. So, will she ever be able to be forgiven by Meghan — who is in the midst of one of the happiest times of her life, as she is expecting her first child — and fix their relationship? Or is the damage irreparable?

How has Samantha Grant hurt Meghan?

Samantha is very active on social media, making negative comments about both Meghan and her new husband, Prince Harry. She slams Meghan in interviews, says that she is “self-centered” and “has no heart,” and tries to convince people around the world that her younger sister is “fake.” In addition, she is in the process of writing a tell-all book about Meghan and it is said that she is set to make a substantial amount of money when the baby arrives. Samantha is, no doubt, bringing unwanted negative attention to the royal family, and causing unnecessary stress and drama for Meghan.

Has anyone asked Meghan’s sister to stop?

As far as the world knows, no one has stepped up and asked Samantha to stop hurting Meghan’s feelings. She is likely hurting Harry’s feelings as well since he is extremely supportive of his wife. What’s more, Samantha is bringing negative attention to herself by acting the way she is! At a time when she should be genuinely happy for Meghan and all that she has accomplished, Samantha is instead taking the opportunity to further damage their already weak relationship each and every time the opportunity arises.

Would Meghan ever forgive Samantha?

While this is obviously a question that only Meghan knows the answer to, we like to think it would be in her nature to forgive her sister for all that she has done. That said, it wouldn’t appear that Samantha is sending the message that she even wants to be forgiven. She has neither issued a public apology nor does she seem sorry for any of her actions or statements. Eventually, we would hope that Samantha will decide that she would like to have a relationship with Meghan and Harry and that she would reach out and do what is necessary to make things right.

Should Samantha reach out to Meghan?

It would be an amazing gesture if Samantha reached out to Meghan in a positive way, and it would certainly increase the chances of her having a relationship with her new niece or nephew. While it would definitely take some time to work things out, many of Meghan’s fans hope that Samantha will soon make the effort to do so.

Is the damage between the two sisters beyond repair?

Although it is likely that Samantha has caused her sister extreme hurt, embarrassment, and betrayal, we would like to think that the damage that has been done between the two of them is not beyond repair. While Samantha did make an attempt to visit her sister and was turned away by palace security, it could be that Meghan was simply not ready. Royal fans are keeping their fingers crossed that one day Meghan and Samantha will bury the hatchet and have the relationship that they both deserve!