Is the ‘FBI’ Show Canceled or Coming Back For Season 2?

FBI is one of CBS’ newest crime dramas that was created by Emmy award-winning producer, Dick Wolf. If the name Dick Wolf sounds familiar, that is because he and his production team are the ones that also brought us the very popular Law and Order series.

Many fans of the Law and Order series immediately fell in love with this new show because it has a similar feel to the old series. FBI is a fictional show that takes an in-depth look at the inner workings of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The show follows a group of FBI agents around New York City as they solve crimes and try to keep the streets of New York as safe as possible.

With the first season over, many people are wondering if it will be coming back for a second season, or if CBS decided to pull the plug on this one. Here is what we know about the Second season of FBI.

Who are the cast members of ‘FBI’?

Playing the role of Special Agent Maggie Belle is Missy Peregrym. Missy was born and raised in Canada. She started her career as a model who occasionally did commercials for companies like Sprint Canada and Mercedes Benz. She has also had other starring roles on different TV shows, such as Reaper, Rookie Blue, and Life as We Know It. The time that she spent playing a police officer on Rookie Blue may have helped her with her new role as a strict, yet caring, FBI agent.

Zeeko Zaki plays the tough as nails Special Agent, Omar Adom “O.A” Zidon. Zeeko is an Egyptian-American who is no stranger to portraying tough characters on dramatic TV series. He has starred on some very popular TV shows, like Six and 24: Legacy. However, this is Zaki’s first lead role that he has ever had in a TV series.

Other leading actors on the show include Jeremy Sisto, Ebonee Noel, Sela Ward, and Derek Hedlund.

The first season received great ratings

From the first moment that the trailer came out for the new series, FBI, we knew that this would be a show that the masses would instantly love. The trailer is only around four minutes long, but in those few minutes, you get to see the heart-pounding heroism that the FBI agents showcase in order to not only make the city a safer place but the country as well. This show also delves deep into the emotional trauma that the agents must endure when taking on some of the most hardened criminals and terrorist in the world.

Apparently, many people agreed that the trailer did a great job at representing how entertaining the entire season would be because when the show finally aired, over 10 million people tuned in to get a glimpse of this nail-biting crime drama. Throughout the season, the show had an average of around 9 million viewers and quickly became one of CBS’  most-watched television show this season.

Will ‘FBI’ be renewed for a second season?

Being that the first 13-episode season had such a great response with fans, CBS decided that it was not finished sharing the story of New York’s FBI agents. In January, they announced that FBI had been renewed for a second season.

The first season of FBI allowed viewers to take a personal look into the lives of FBI agents. The creators of this show did a superb job at creating dynamic and complex characters that made viewers count down the days until they got to see another episode. We are glad that CBS has decided to bring back another season of FBI because we believe that Agent Belle and Agent Zidon still have much more of a story to tell.