Is ‘The Good Fight’ Canceled Or Renewed for Season 4?

CBS All Access subscribers are all about The Good Fight. The show kicked off in February 2017 and has been renewed time and time again. There is just something about the legal drama that viewers love.

Perhaps the writers have nailed the art of making viewers happy, or maybe the casting selection is undeniably addicting. No matter what the reason, fans are wondering if their new fave legal drama will be returning for an encore. 

What is ‘The Good Fight’ about?

The Good Fight
The Good Fight | Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

The Good Fight is a spin-off based on the CBS legal drama The Good Wife. The successor takes place exactly one year after the finale of the original show.

When we last saw The Good Wife, an enormous financial scam completely took out Maia Rindell’s reputation and her mentor, Diane Lockhart’s, savings. The scam pushed them out of their home base, Lockhart & Lee, but opened doors for them to join Lucca Quinn.

While working at one of Chicago’s pre-eminent firms, Reddick, Boseman & Kolstad, Lockhart crosses paths with some long last associates, Colin Morrello and Marissa Gold.

Although Rindell and Lockhart need to build their careers back up from scratch, they are determined to rise like a phoenix from their fall from grace. 

How well has ‘The Good Fight’ been doing?

The Good Fight is the first original scripted series to call CBS All Access home. When it debuted the subscriber response was phenomenal and many critics had nothing but good things to say about The Good Wife’s successor. It was doing so well that it even rocked a coveted 100% on the Tomatometer. That was when only a few episodes had aired, but how has the show done over the last few seasons all together? 

Rotten Tomatoes gives the show an average Tomatometer rating of 96% across all three seasons. Season one has since dropped from 100% to 98% with the critic consensus commending the show. 

An auspicious beginning for CBS All Access, The Good Fight solidly follows its predecessor while allowing for new storytelling styles, a wider narrative scope, and a chance for its lead to explore new territory with a relatable human struggle.

Season two comes in at 96% and season three comes in at 95%. The audience scores haven’t been as great at 87% for the first two seasons and an astoundingly low 51% for the third season. While the audience may not be happy with where the show has gone so far, critics have maintained their faith in the series. Just take a look at the latest critic consensus.

The Good Fight‘s third season pulls no punches, doubling down on the social commentary while maintaining the show’s sensational delights to create one of the best dramas on TV.

Is ‘The Good Fight’ renewed for a fourth season?

Considering its popularity among critics, it would be crazy if the show wasn’t renewed for a fourth season! In the current season, there’s quite a lot going on so there’s no way the show could go out gracefully without a renewal. Lockhart is trying to wrap her head around the insanity going on in the administration without losing her mind.

Adrian Boseman and Liz Reddick-Lawrence are trying to adjust to the judicial climate — one where excellent storytelling trumps clear cut facts. Lucca Quinn is doing her best to balance work and family and Rindell is trying to reign in corrupted lawyer Roland Blum.

With so much juicy drama going on, CBS All-Access subscribers will be happy to hear that The Good Fight has been renewed for a fourth season! Looks like fans will be able to catch up with this top legal drama in 2020 after all.