Is the New Third Stew Going to Make It on ‘Below Deck?’

Laura Betancourt | Laura Betancourt Instagram

It’s no secret that anyone who assumes the third stew role on Below Deck is stuck with the grunt work. From laundry and turn downs to scrubbing toilets and cleaning showers. The third stew typically does the work no one else wants to do.

At the same time, a pattern of third stews clashing with their chief emerged on the show. Most recently, former third stew Caroline Bedol bowed out after being plagued with neuropathy and finding the My Seanna to be a hostile workplace. However, her replacement, Laura Betancourt doesn’t seem to be off to a promising start. And, from the way previews look, Betancourt’s employment may end up being short lived.

She came in hot

Chief stew Kate Chastain and second stew Josiah Carter were excited when Bedol’s replacement arrived. However, Betancourt, who said she’s worked as a chief stew previously, had a lot of criticisms about the state of the interior. “Smells skunky in here,” she said before doing the walkaround. When Carter and Chastain took Betancourt on a tour of the boat, Betancourt pointed out a drink ring on the furniture and dismissed the white carpet. She also queried, “Who made this bed?” To which Chastain and Carter responded they did.

By now Carter and Chastain have made up their minds. “I’ve never met anyone who talks as much as Laura,” Carter says in a side interview. “Maybe she should just shut up.” Then Chastain says to Carter in the privacy of their room. “I’m just going to say it,” she starts. “She’s just so f**king annoying.”

But this opinion should have been kept to herself

After deckhand Ashton Pienaar was rescued and was safe on board the My Seanna, Betancourt went to visit him while he recovered in his room. Pienaar went overboard and was dragged underwater by a line attached to a tender the yacht carried. Thankfully a Bravo cameraman freed Pienaar from the line and Pienaar was able to swim to the tender. He remained on the tender for an hour until the yacht could drop anchor.

When Betancourt asked why Pienaar ended up driving the tender, Pienaar said it was easier. But Betancourt says, “Easier, but they cut a lot of f**king corners around here.”

Captain Lee Rosbach was live tweeting during the episode and caught that comment. “Really Laura, so quick to blame the way the boat is run. Unbelievable.”

Chastain may be done already

Chef Adrian Martin tells Chastain to rest and let Betancourt take care of things. But Chastain says, “I haven’t made up my mind if she’s a help or just annoying yet.” Both Chastain and Martin agree Betancourt needs to tame her opinions especially being new to the yacht.

Martin tries to give Betancourt some advice to cool it with the opinions, especially after she fails at doing turn downs and Chastain expresses frustration. He tells Betancourt Chastain is aggravated. And Betancourt thinks Chastain is just being a mean girl. And doing all the “bitch work,” but Martin says that’s part of the job.

Chastain was live tweeting during the episode and wrote, “For the record: There’s a difference b/t ‘a mean girl’ and a chief stewardess in charge of running charters on a 180′ mega yacht and I’m willing to bet the continuous, charter after charter thousand dollar tips on it.”  She added, “Technically I wasn’t even asking her to clean up after me, I was asking her to clean up after the charter guests…that tip us….on the charter yacht that we work on.” In the previews for the remainder of the season, Chastain tells Rosbach he can fire Betancourt or she’ll quit. This after Betancourt tells Chastain to check herself.

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